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  1. Im happy with that, IT needs skill to Ride that wpn xdd So i think its ok
  2. Flame is quite broken as u surely know. Dmg of flame is at another lvl lol u need like 3-4 clouds of fire to kill medic with 156hp so wtf... about rifles ill not talk their dmg is high aswell and every team has like 5-6 rifles when server is full so its quite annoyin too with that dmg. So well if u dnt FF or self dmg, lower the dmg every single eng plays with rifle on nq1 except me, im the only one shotgun user on server ( but shotgun needs some aim to kill anyone while flame and rifle just do dmg in area af) so yeh
  3. Nobody can see in flame ofc, cuz ppls dont care where they shoot, they just run with flame on a spreading it everywhere thats why i would like to have flame with ability to kill his owner when He/She just run with it( And yea ik why u Will defense flame cuz u basically never use any other wpn ford ) but Its Ur choice, but for many ppls its just annoyin thing to fight ppls which r only running with that wpn And ruining whole map with it. And about shotgun u need to have good Aim to do 1shot kills Its not like flame or panzer .
  4. I would like to have ff disabled but somehow make flame able to kill the owner only not teammates if its even posible so idk. thats why i posted this topic.
  5. I dnt mean friendly fire liek that u will flame ur teammates but u should be able to flame urself when u run with flame. Cuz now all just press mouse and run with flame on and nobody see anything and flamer will not die cuz he cant die by his own flame.
  6. Hoi, idk if its not here already, but i would like to say something about flamethrower on NQ1 server, and i hope it could be reworked or changed. First of all its annoyin to play vs player who use flame 24/7 but well its his choose but flame dmg on NQ1 is like 1 cloud of flame is killing u like paper, so first things is if the dmg of flame could be lowered. Second thing i would love it ( and many others too) that flame user should be able to flame himself if he will run with it, cuz ppls just fire and jumping around no matter on aim and its heroicly annoyin to play vs that, and ff of flame would be rly good thing cuz ppls wouldnt take it that often cuz they would die before they kill something. Well thats all from me i hope i didnt missed topic about flamethrower somewhere. BaBeLo
  7. Ill be there rdy to dominate with my lovely shotgun
  8. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    Ah i ssed Wrong etmain i were reinstaling et many times And i ss some Old...found that bbaserace file And it works , game Is not kicking me , ty So much
  9. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    Here is my etmain folder ss idk if it will help , i hope so. TY
  10. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    I do Vid_restart when i come to server And Its ok, if not in kicked with that error
  11. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    Dont have that file in folder etmain.
  12. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    fixed for now ty chicken
  13. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    how to exec cfg i dnt get it or vid restart
  14. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    Yes getting insta kicked from server and also sounds get muted. so i need to restart game but still cant use chat
  15. BaBeLo

    Chat kick

    Hello guys, i have a question . Today i got a problem when i tried to open chat no matter which chat i got auto kick with msg '' crash information''. Idk what to do pls help meh guys ty. BaBe

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