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  1. I guess. Even if I make pb_sleep 500 it is already better. However, I have to re-enter it after each restart. Sound driver I have already renewed. But with the jerks at the sound it is still.
  2. Last night I was again on the server and there was the connection so far in order. No ping jumps and barely jerky. Also, the sound was so fluid, except for a few hangers in the sound between
  3. Fortunately, I have made a backup on another hard disk. So etkey must now be right again. Will it test the same time if everything works again. Thanks a lot, really!
  4. Thanks to your post. No, i haven't Onboard graphic. Only the graphiccard. But funny is it anyway. Otherwise it has also worked with Windows 7 without problems. I hope now everything works. Now i need my adminlevels back Now kicked by my clan tags. I deleted them first.
  5. It seems to be gone for the time being. Have a few Windows updates installed and again on 2.60b updated. And I need my adminlevels back since I have also renewed the etkey.
  6. THe problem does already exists. :/ Slowly I despair
  7. Thanks for the tip HipKat. Unfortunately, this was not the case. :/ I will now first make all updates of Windows and then look again.
  8. I tried the newest and an older graphics card driver. Both problems. My graphics card is the GT 220 with the driver 342.00 WHQL. So the latest. The bios settings were not changed. Under Win 10 it worked so synonymous everything without problems. The only thing I have been doing is the installation is Windows drivers.
  9. Have ET again deleted and no files copied but with the normal standard config played. But these hangers are still. Cant describe it more precisely. So it probably has nothing to do with the game but rather what to do with the system (graphics). Would like to show you a demo. There it would have to be seen...
  10. No i've deleted ET from pc. Reinstallation brings nothing... Either it has something to do with the graphics or but the whole system image is something wrong.
  11. That depends in the middle. Also with the intro jerks or hangs it so funny. The music in the Intro jerks then synonymous. Running as an administrator has brought nothing. Also a new etkey brings nothing. And now I was also kicked off the server for 3 minutes, because I supposedly deleted my clan tags. But they are there: D Would like to attach a demo as a file but I have no authorization to. Then you could see the problem. An Ss brings nothing.
  12. Hey guys. After I have reinstalled Windows, WET does not work properly anymore. The old system was WIN 10 and now i had WIN 7, because it runs better for my pc. Now jerks but my W:ET. When I start the game I always have so small jerks in the menu. The problem is still available on servers. At the beginning I had 2.60b installed. Then installed again on 2.55. The problem is still present. All drivers are actually. Why is the problem all at once? I have copied all configs from before and after the Win 7 installation again inserted into the ET folder. Is it perhaps because of it? I dont know any more and the playing is also no fun at time. :/ Help me guys, please...
  13. nexX

    New Monitor

    Thanks Then it will a 144Hz Monitor Thank u
  14. nexX

    New Monitor

    Nice one It's 3D-ready?
  15. Hello guys, i wanted to buy a new Monitor. My one is 4 years old and NOT FULL-HD ready. The minimal size is 24" inch. My favourites are Samsung and Acer devices. You have recommendations for me? Is unfortunately so many and dont know what is good. Adds a link to the product, please. Thank you very much.