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  1. i was hesitating to post it or not but here it is my current playing YT link
  2. i know this song a long time now i can dream the lyrics and to me this song means goosebump i hope some of u like it the same way
  3. Congratulations all on getting promoted
  4. i have not really a Sorted playlist the song has to speak to me before i like it this is one song my GF and Me fell in love with instantly upcoming songs are like i told , no sorting in my Tube list
  5. some1 totally and completely destroyed my pc / windows security anybody in the community who can help me ? / ET servers (every server also outside F|A kicks me out)

  6. last night onserver a few players requested that the server's current map rotation would be changed , tbh im also getting a little bored from everyday the same maps how are the plans going ? ive read the topic but i couldn't found out if and / or when they are going to be altered ! also i would like to remark thats it's annoying alot of ppl on the server that it crashes / reset everyday on the same time starting back again in the same map everyday maybe an option tp grab a few from this HUGE index ? http://activegamer.net/et/maps/
  7. Hi All can some1 help me on the question that has risen after reading http://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Admin_Guide in there i read the part "unnamedplayer", "Etplayer", "Newplayer", "ETUIplayer" - rename them using !rename to player3, player4, etc. on NQ1 there are 2 players with the name Etplayer and last night there a was a player without any form of name shown how does this work ? the rules contradict the current allowments

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