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  1. Happy Birthday PhySys!

  2. every time i play ..the same questions Yes i am a Member... Yes i will not remove my Tag
  3. PhySys

    i can t get my guid?

    hat funktioniert..it works thx
  4. i make ^ and clear pb_myguid condump myGuid txt But: Punkbuster client is currently Disabled And now? grummel
  5. damn i can tget my guid? pb_myguid condump myguid.text but : Punkbuster client is currently Disabled. And now??
  6. thx..see you. sehen uns auf dem feld
  7. after some Problems in real life. i am back in Town..i hope 2012 will by a good year for us gamer.. See you on teh fild. P.S. Pleas give my my Levels back if you see my
  8. dat wird schon klappen:)

    viel glück und seh dich wohl dann wieder aufm field:)happy fraggin:)

  9. lol that i now.. but i dont now to put it thx i hope it right now...
  10. wo soll ich den hinsenden/posten? now i get onlin to get my guid..wer to go with it=? damed..so long not play lol
  11. just want to say...i am Back in Town ladys. I have not play like for 5 month i think.work was to much...but now i am back. I install all new on a new maschine. if you see my on the server..pleas give my back my levels
  12. Back in game i hope...install wieder neu gerade :)

  13. heyho...lange nicht gesehen:)

    alles fit im schritt?

  14. Happy B-Day :)


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