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  1. Hello there!

    Since you said you don't how long u'd be on et, are you going to be withdrawing your membership application? or still interested in joining?

  2. woohoo finally installed gingerbread rom on my android :i

    1. -=Medic=-


      hehe nice.. I already have it on my htc hd2

    2. epicofail


      well att ppl are slow as f*** so.. they released froyo and still no1 can apply the update.. keeps giving error. I doubt they'll do anything about it.. Dickf***s :/

  3. Happy birdday u douchf***

  4. BooM ShakA LakA!1!

  5. PB is being Retarded again :*(

  6. stop raining already :/ its fkin summer.



      lol .rain rain rain go away,come back some other day...lol

    2. General


      Uh summer is the season of rain and thunderstorms, esp where i live, so yeah...


  7. http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/files/file/458-iepiczip/

    From the screen's it looks like shit for some reason.. you might wanna adjust ur brightness :P

  8. ahhh so many distractions at the gym!! kfjasklajlf :)



      my friend got kicked out of a gym cause he had a boner on the trainer who was a she.lmao

  9. Well, I got 3 cfs.. Nintendo - Danzer- - Test :I, I'll send it to you soon.. Danzer- one is really the Uber Hacks (It takes away graphics tho.)

  10. Tokyooooooooooooooooooooo, Drift Drift.

  11. hmm quite the thunderstorm, better than fireworks :i

  12. happy returns of the day!!

  13. im on my level yeahhh

  14. Possible tornado in my area :o already hear the scary thunderstorms.

  15. its way too many suckers in the v.i.P.p

  16. grab somebody sexy, tell em hey

    1. Jorz


      waesome song

  17. you ain't my son, uuu maa mfing step son

    1. Achiyan


      they both still have 'son' in them >.< you shoulda said "you aint my kid, uuu maa mfing step son" :P

    2. epicofail


      Did it on em?

  18. Kung Fu Staring contest :i

  19. oh i get why charter sucks :o

    1. Jaaa!&


      charter does suck, only at about 1am tho, otherwise its really fast for me.

  20. row row row your boat gently down the stream

    1. FiveMagic


      , merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

  21. tali's are in some deep shit now

  22. oh no, wiii,, weii gonna die.

  23. bow bow chicka chika chik bow bow

    1. KARINE


      good song ^^

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