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  1. Such a nice day out; ... Time to play ET 🙂

  2. dope forums update B)

  3. phone crashed.. #**$@#( and now its dead dead

    1. tipsy


      phone crashed that's normal, you using forums status update.. that's new , finally u got how forums works. .. lol jk

  4. Out on a road trip. Y'all have a Merry Christmas!!

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    2. RedBaird


      About 1/3 of the US will be traveling now! 6 million will fly and another 101 million will be moving by cars, trains, buses and canoes.

    3. Neuro


      Roadtrip with me and we JAMMIN. HOHOHO It dont get better than this

    4. AnG3L


      Merry xmas !

  5. >.

    1. tipsy


      haaaaaa! your order is drunk

  6. do that harlem shake!

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    2. Chameleon


      We should all individually record ourselves doing that and then edit it all together and post it on youtube!! That would be awesome! F|A Harlem Shake LOL

    3. SkuLLc0LLector


      =F|A=nf***ingtastic !

    4. (Snake)


      We gonna do one at our work this friday! :P (I dont think im gonna participate) :D

  7. Oh, the joy of reading an email about cancelled 8AM class!

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    2. yellow flash

      yellow flash

      in my school they tell it with email 1 min b4 class :P

    3. Jefke


      my school post it on blackboard (webbased app) so that's instant.

    4. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      When I was at school the only way you knew the lesson was cancelled was half an hour into it and the teacher was still not there lol

  8. Missed my first 2 classes of the semester -_-

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    2. ajnl


      whats your major?

    3. epicofail


      Chemical Engineering - atm full time senior

    4. ajnl
  9. 7d15h hurrrryyy the fk up!!

  10. Soldier of Fortune :P pew. pew. BOOM!

  11. Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa wobble wobble

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    2. epicofail


      dance? big sean? no?

    3. Wifestein


      hot potato hot potato

    4. ladykris


      I'm st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bible.

  12. down to my last final.. like a boss!

    1. bell reavue

      bell reavue

      good luck broski

  13. Fantabulous Weather!!

  14. Its snowing, finally :i

    1. Spitfire


      Its raining, again :@

  15. where is the snow?

  16. Im on my level yeaaaahhh

  17. The God Particle is alive! :o

  18. BSed the first exam, 3 more to go :)

  19. yoooo! What is up? sry for the late rply :P

  20. What's up??? lol this a late reply sry been busy with studies..

    1. Gasterbator


      ahhh same here lol..

  21. That’s why you mad Thats why you why you mad mad

  22. FINALLY got the power back after 4 days of blackout..

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