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  1. there will always be room for you in DE FAM JAM
  2. AAAH MIAMORE <3 my ballads will ring across the comms when we reunite as a familia <3 Idk wut u just said but what I do know it that it was probably really beautiful and seems like legit Spanish so SI MI FAMILIA <333333
  3. I knoooo been busy with school mostly had a break das y I'm back wit such passion should be one fo de rest of de weekend, missed ma familia <3
  4. Su casa me casa me familia welcome to our home where we can be one
  5. Mi casa Su casa me familia i luv u bruddeh welcome to our safe space where we can be one in harmony and love
  6. Hola is me again De Duemo but u alrdy kno dis, my family is you and you is my family so let this be our home...now where is my FAMILIA
  7. German was never my forte, but im thinking of dropping a fire Duemo Mexican ballad mixtape
  8. Im fantastic at being blown up infront of you achilles
  9. FufDuemo


    I am overwhelmed with the love thank you very much <3
  10. 2 females r rarer than 2 duemos , I enjoyed that vid achilleus
  11. FufDuemo


    Hola como estas, I am de duemo, just join FA and im learning about the forums pls be gentle <3

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