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  1. Pick your Poison

    Now this is a fellow alcoholic right here. Jager is actually really good as a sipping drink when room temperature. It's also REALLY good when mixed with half pineapple and half orange juice.
  2. Pick your Poison

    I can do Jack ALL day. Any day. Teas are nice too!
  3. Greetings all!

    Welcome to this quite amazing and humble abode.
  4. Pick your Poison

    Vodka and Jager I totally support that.
  5. Pick your Poison

    Hey there mah peeps. While I am here sipping on drink #5, I wondered to myself what everyone's preferred drink is. This is just out of my own curiosity. Me? I prefer a Surfer of Acid (Pineapple Juice+Jager+Malibu) or a Adios Motherf**ker. (Gin, Tonic, Vodka, TeQuilla, sweet&Sour). What's your poison when you decide one night, "I'm gonna drink!"
  6. Associated Words

  7. Just Another Inro Thread

    Ahahahahaha, thanks man. Thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome.
  8. Downloading ET

    Okay nice! Thanks Buck!
  9. Downloading ET

    Awesome, I think I can dig that. Thanks!
  10. Learning to play a guitar!

    So, it looks like you got the information you needed, but here in a condensed version for you. 1.) Learn the basics before songs. I.E-String names, and basic chord locations. (A,E,C,G,F,D) learn to pick different styles. like (D,D,DUD). 2.) Looking at the strings in totally normal, your brain knows you don't have the muscle memory just yet. Just keep at it. 3.) Acoustic are good to learn on because they require more pressing force than an electric, it's all preference. Though @docwarren is right, electric steer towards power chords way more than acoustic. 4.) In regards to your question, Youtube is always a good place to start, but you need to know what you are searching, or if you are wiling to pay a small subscription. Yousician on Google Play and I believe Apple Store is an amazing app to learn. 5.) Practice Practice practice and you'll be the next Joe Satriani ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo6LXD7uzn4 ) I used to play often but don't as much anymore. Make sure to just play it a couple hours a day. Remember, you can only improve.
  11. Downloading ET

    Hey guys, Lo here. So, I saw there was quite a bit of attention going towards ET and I took it upon myself to download it. I'm writing this as it downloads. My question is, what kind of game should I expect? Any information in good, thanks in advance.
  12. Hi

    I'm new and have no idea who you are, but you know what, welcome back!
  13. Just Another Inro Thread

    I still crack up about it to this day. I still couldn't also believe I ACTUALLY had to do that. Thanks for the welcome.
  14. Just Another Inro Thread

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! That is something I love to see. Glad to be here already. You should probably sleep. As should I. It's 2am!