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  1. I will do now and will let you know how it works. Thanks in advance ;)
  2. I started lately to get my game crashes as soon as i press either T, Y or esc.I play on silent1 the most so idk if it would happen to my game in the others FA servers.From what I remember my game worked fine until a week ago or two...lately it's hard for me to stay connected for so long because of so many crashes ...I thought it was just me.
  3. Cata0709

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday man!
  4. Cata0709


    Did you completely uninstall the game before installing it again? nothing has to be left except for the previously saved etkey, and just there to make a fresh installation. Check this
  5. Cata0709


    The reason you get it must be because some of your pk3 files in your et folder are corupt.anyways you need to run the game as admin In your ET installation folder right click on ET.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> check “Run this program as an administator” and run the game.
  6. Ohhh well,,,Those commands that are new to me and I didn't know exactly what they were for ... now I know ... thanks guys for the immediate response!!!!
  7. I am sorry ,not sure where to post this topic. Thing is I want to know if level 4 can have mute cmd back like it was before since sometimes it is necessary specially when admin is not around or 'afk' I don't know if other people with level 4 know how the procedure in case they need to mute someone but I do know very well because because I have asked and they've taught me(admins) I have never abused the commands and have always reported each case immediately after taking any action that I was allowed to take as level 4. Thanks in advance.
  8. Non Ducor, As a regular of silent1 I can say yourself have played to many times in axis with players with kr over 2.5, all holding hands but however none of you have not been able to go and help these poor allies.Its true that the members of the clan are the ones who should move first to fix the teams,but the regulars should also move their asses to the other team instead of going to spec to complain.Balance teams is not only a member thing,regulars also should collaborate. Without members online,myself have played to many times in a weak team or with two or three players down and have asked for teams and everyone simply ignored.Lastnight you were playing in axis team with yid and a couple players with skills including you... and you were more worried in get into a fight with krum than checking scores/kr and help allies.Whatever......
  9. Is what i do,and you can see my reports about him and yeah,fortunately always had a positive response from admin wich I'm very thankful .But the question is...what's the point of making reports and everything according to the procedure If the punishment that is given to him ,does not matter what, he always end up doing the same thing over and over again? Is not that he would come back from a 30 ban days so calm and mature being a nice boy.Come on ,he even tried to fool admin changing etkey to avoid a mute! Personally I choose disconnect when he appears,i cant see anymore how he says and do what he wants and I cant keep making reports for life about him to end always being the same.Some people never learns and he for sure is a trouble maker.
  10. @RatSpit Wel all know that nothing can stop MATAFAKA behavior,he doesnt even learn from mutes and bans in fact he is still harassing memento.I dont think the only solution here is to !ignore him since his bad behavior are not only verbal harassment and already I sent you a demo of what he do to people specially when admin is not around.I know this is not my bussiness , but I was just giving my opinion since i had to deal with MATAFAKA to many times with the difference that I learned to deal with people like him in a more political way to dont end up being like him.Even with that,we are only regulars,we always need admin support.
  11. you mean feathers.... dont you?
  12. Congratulation on your promotion Hecken honey.You deserve it and more.Have fun!
  13. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. KristalQueen


      hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD <3

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