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  1. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Well done on the update. Nice clean look!
  2. My name is RAGE

    Welcome! 43? You young'un!
  3. Last concert you went to?

    Saw Peter Cetera(Formerly of Chicago) this past weekend.
  4. Hello everyone !

  5. Visual Studio

    Just followed one of your links. C# is up to ver 7.1. I gotta get my head back into the development side of things. Falling behind.
  6. MMORPG Black Desert Online - New MMORPG

    From what I can tell so far, your characters are locked to a particular region and that you can play your characters on any of the servers within that region.
  7. Recently several of us have started playing this game. If you play this game leave a comment with your character's name and which server you to tend to play on. Would be fun to have a bunch of FA running around a server together. I can be found on the NA_Kamasylvia2 server and my character is Salverius. Hope to see you around!
  8. Other Congratulations to our New Co-Leader!

  9. What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw The Dark Tower last night.
  10. Monthly COD4 Highest Kill Streak Award August 2017

    Dunno if StarBlazer will submit this on his own, but I thought it should be recognized.
  11. COD4 Server Beginners

    Thank you!
  12. RPG and FRAGGER Award

    12 Kill RPG on #2.
  13. Mowing The Hedge | MotD 27.07.17

    Saw this on fb. Guy has ingenuity.