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  1. Hi guy. I usually play on Beg#2 and all Saskia said is true. Nearly every evenings, players are voting for Goldrush even if we did it 2 or 3 maps ago. I also like this map, but it becomes really boring and I often disconnect... Concerning uneven teams, I think (even if I'm new on this forum) that putteam can be useful to fix those situations. So, why wouldn't you make it available for low level admins? This message was just written to confirm what Saskia said, and will be important to improve the gaming experience. Thanks ​
  2. Maxime


    Welcome on FA forums ! Have a good time among us
  3. Welcome dude ! See you soon on servers !
  4. Maxime

    hoss here

    Welcome among us hoss ! Have a good time on our servers and enjoy !
  5. Maxime

    Protien ?

    Good evening Karizmatic, I've been practising musculation for 4 years and I still lift and progress. First, what are your objectives? What's your weight right now? Describe me your typical week, what are you habits? How do you eat (what, how much, when)? Do you have any bodybuilding program? Have you been followed by a coach? I've ever tried protein powder (I bought 2*3kg of whey) and now I don't take this anymore. For sure, it can help you gaining weight. But there are so much other things too. I don't think that protein powder is absolutely necessary when you lift. It depends on your objectives. Do you want to be more confident, to feel better in your skin? Or do you want to take part in contests? Both? It all depends on your objectives. Who do you want to be? (Sorry if I ask things you answered, I didn't have enough time to read all the topic ) Answer those questions and I will be happy to help you ​
  6. As you can see just on top, I'm new on this website. So, a little introduction is necessary I think. My name is Maxime, I'm student and I come from Belgium. I'm 21 years old, I like sports, mechanics and computer sciences. Actually, I used to play on ET in the past (approximately three years ago and during a long period). Then my server vanished and I stopped to play. So now, I started to play again one month ago, essentially on Beginners #2 (I'm now a Regular Player) because I've got more free-time now. I'm not here to be the best player (I'm far from it ), I'm just relaxing and having some fun on the server after work. The atmosphere of this server is pretty cool, often the same players, and it's always a pleasure to play with/against them. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I'll be pleased to answer them Thank you, have a nice day.

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