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  1. congrats on the promo bud. just noticed it. im getting old. really miss my engineer buddy. hope ur doing great.

    1. Blunt


      Thanks Capt :)


  2. Oooooopsie! This is what I was trying to post
  3. It was, as much as I enjoyed it, not normally something I splurge on for myself, which makes it a good gift. I am normally a Buffalo Trace/Makers Mark guy
  4. Bourbon for me, recently finished off a bottle of Widow Jane that I got for Xmas.
  5. MW made me think of Biohazard Population control. The only alternative left was to increase the death rate, No one wanted to pick people out of a crowd and line them up for execution, Neither did they relish the possible consequences of an enraged public upon Discovering that they were being systematically murdered. A very short but Very deadly global war was contemplated. Something else had to be done that Would absolve the decision-makers of guilt, something that could be blamed Upon Mother Nature. The answer, a synthetic biological agent, an agent that Does not naturally
  6. My UEFI (BIOS) upon booting displays ram size, so always thought everything was great. Last week I was looking in Windows system information and it said I only had 8GB of ram. I was like WTF, I know I have 2 sticks and thought maybe one wasn't seated perfectly. Well.....yada, yada, yada.......... it turns out, the MOBO only checks that that a ram chip is inserted, not if it's usable (defective). Evidently that is the Operating Systems responsibility. Long story short, I bought to new RAM modules and all is better now. Lesson learned.
  7. Had a player yesterday ask about Santa hat mod for Silent. I personally like it, but wasn't sure what the community stance was on this.
  8. happy Thanksgiving bud.hope all is well with the baddest ass eni ever in et!!!!!

    1. Blunt


      Hey Capt, hope all is well and wishing you a great Thanksgiving as well.


  9. Blunt

    Gardening Mushroomie's Project

    Overall cool, like that it is organic too. I think you should bring the organic message out more. Question on this English translation Step 4. Spray once a day with a water spray in the bag on the mist setting and let air barge through well. Maybe it's because I live in the States, but "barge" seems odd use. If I understand correctly you want ample air flow to ensure the mushrooms have oxygen. Consider using Flow instead of Barge.
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