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  1. Cool, finally a movie that I didn't have to undress for .p
  2. congrats bud .. mght have to come play at hardcore   hang with u sometime..

    1. Blunt


      Thanks, look forward to it :)

  3. congrats bud good too see u here!FAmily

    1. Blunt


      Thanks Captain, 'a long strange trip its been'

      grateful dead GIF

    2. captnconcrete


      its sad to see bunker die out!

  4. For Hardcore server, I miss the following maps; MLB Daybreak MLB Temple MLB Egypt Darji Colusiem I personally had a lot of fun through the years on these maps.
  5. Don't settle on 3x speed, he has a new method for 4x speed using a flash light to flush out the extra radical copper atoms
  6. For me its usually just a hair caught between the optical led and the desk. Best to cover the basics. It reads like your overclocking, have you turned it off to rule it out? Have you tried turning off any mouse accelerators or Snap To settings in the operating system settings? ET also has a smooth mouse check box, mine is off sometimes these settings battle against each other.
  7. hope all is well lead .. my favorite eni  teammate!

    1. Blunt


      Hey it's good, been a busy summer.  Hows it going from your end?


  8. Grenade launcher for several reasons 1) you can bank a shot like pool, just fun to do, caves are awesome! 2) most rambo medics go down with with a nade blast and two shots from the riflenadergun 3) rambo medics can't get ammo from the riflenader when the player dies. This is hugely important, as rambo medics run out of ammo quickly 4) it evens the playing field with rambo medics Often I hear the call to ban rifle nades, I would be fine with that if medics were disabled from using their own med packs. ET is a carefully balanced game, if I recall correctly self adrenaline was disabled first, then flack jackets for engineers as without adren engies were super hard to kill.
  9. Hey all, Blunt regular player on Hardcore, 5 - 7 days a week. #WET:LIFE In regards to the original questions>; 1)The automatic shuffle that happens every few maps is terrible. It breaks up teams that actually have a good vibe and just keeps a constant rotation that typically requires admin intervention regardless. Is there a way to set a threshold on imbalance or at least only force the shuffle when the number of players on each team is completely out of whack between maps? I've seen many great games get ruined by the out-of-whack autoshuffle. >Please do not remove auto-shuffle, its one of the few things I can count on when teams suck for 3 maps straight. I get, its hardcore but we also get new players. I have personally left the server due to being dominated by the other team 2 maps in a row. There aren't enough admins with !shuffle command and full attention to the game details, such as was the defending team restricted to original spawn entire match, to me that warrants a shuffle. 2)In that same vein, can KR tracking be switched to KDR? Shuffles will be more accurate, and KR seems like such a weird and random statistic that isn't really based on anything substantial. >ET shuffle sucks, but its better than nothing. Please switch willing to try anything different. Do we have any body that can link an article to how the different shuffle systems work, I think there are 3, but could be mistaken. 3)Bots with heavy weapons = terrible. Is it possible to restrict that? >Yes would prefer bots to do menial tasks such as medic and engineer only, heavy weapon is waste of resources. Really not sure if that is possible to restrict setting. I don't recall seeing a Bot selection weapon command in Silent Mod. The # 1 thing I get frustrated with is long span between new maps. I get bored and have played other servers to indulge, MLB Daybreak, Eagles, Gold Rush with the upstairs, Beach invasion with the CP/Ammo depot spawn and some other proven classics. I get that someone needs to add them to a script, they also need to troubleshoot them on a test server as new maps can crash the server. Perhaps some of us would be willing to troubleshoot maps.
  10. Newegg has Ryzan 7 with Nvidia GTX1070 vid card for $1300. Assume you have a monitor. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883221435
  11. Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - "To Have And Have Not" https://youtu.be/4qeAnOX-UCk
  12. Blunt

    screen shots

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