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  1. Why would that matter if at the end of the day what matters is if the map is won. The issue I see is that KR can be... manipulated. I can have a negative kill/death ratio and still go up in KR by a few hundreds of a point. All you have to do to have high KR is kill up close and die far away. It's not even a good indicator of how well you can shoot. I have achieved a high KR since I love to stab people, but stabbing people does not mean that you are useful to your team or that you will win the map. So to me, KR means almost nothing. There are plenty of people who are better than I am and have much lower KR, but if you look at their PRW it will be as good or better than mine. At the end of the day to me the fun is winning the map, not how close I can get to the enemy to kill them. What if you're a beast sniper or mortar? What if you're really good at flanking people with artillery or airstrikes? Should that not be considered?
  2. Hello. The way that current shuffle works is that the players are shuffled by KR with Axis always having the first pick. PRW is a much better indicator of whether or not a player is going to win the map and therefore a better indicator of even teams. As far as I can tell KR is a distance/player KR calculation where the closer you are to the enemy and the higher the enemy's KR is, the more your KR goes up. This is a good indicator for how aggressive a player can be, but not really their overall winning ability. PRW, on the other hand, is pure winning percentage and if the teams were to be shuffled by PRW, the teams would be a lot more even. Second issue is that Axis always get first pick, so the person with the highest KR always ends up on axis and this can become tiresome for those with high KR. So my request is as follows: Change the shuffle script to shuffle player PRW. Randomize or cycle which team gets the first pick. Thank you. Oh woops. I might have posted this in the wrong section. Maybe an admin can move it.
  3. You have the ability to buy all sorts of hardware, not just stuff that adds up to $2,000. I don't even know where to begin with that one. Alright, if you're not confident in that approach, then be it. Out of curiosity I just built a mock computer and tried to be on budget. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/FVm4sJ If you already have an OS you could remove it from the list and say... give yourself 8GB more RAM. The list includes prices with mail-in-rebates, but those work. If you want to stay away from MIRs then we could make a list with that in mind. Oh, also, we could go even lower. $500 machine etc.
  4. Why don't you just build one yourself? It's very easy and it will be cheaper.
  5. Try using this: Soldier: class 0 Medic: class 1 Engineer: class 2 Field ops: class 3 Cov ops: class 4 So: bind DEL "class 1 1; echo ^7class ^d| ^7medic ;play sound\menu\filter.wav; cmd vsay ^b Class Change:^1Medic"
  6. Q3 engine has issues with newer hardware and Windows 7+. Try: seta r_ignorehwgamma "0" Then /vid_restart and see if your script works. It works for me BTW, but I also have issues with gamma and have to correct it when I exit the game.
  7. I only have 2 config files, autoexec and controls. Autoexec execs controls. The reason why is it's easier to share a config to others without messing up their binds.
  8. Ah OK For the gamma problem, I am not sure what cvar you're using. But try this: seta r_ignorehwgamma "1" set gamma1 "r_gamma 1; bind KP_END vstr gamma2" set gamma2 "r_gamma 1.5; bind KP_END vstr gamma3" set gamma3 "r_gamma 2; bind KP_END vstr gamma1" bind KP_END "vstr gamma2" Substitute KP_END with what ever key you'd like.
  9. You should have one main CFG files and then exec all the child CFGs in there. Make sure all your files are in the etmain folder. I wouldn't name your CFG file "etmain.cfg" since there is already a compiled CFG in your profile folder by that name. Create a new file with a new name like ... "main.cfg" or "autoexec.cfg" (I am not sure why you cant exec it if it's in your etmain folder). Then you can have inside that file: exec defaults.cfg exec controls.cfg exec classes.cfg exec spawns.cfg exec gamma.cfg Then in the game console "/exec [filename].cfg"
  10. Since no one actually recommended any products, I will. Pre-workout: Mesomorph, Post-workout: Isomorph. If you're under 18 you shouldn't take Mesomorph. You gotta read up a lot about this stuff because you have to cycle off certain chemicals. If you get Mesomorph don't take any other creatine, since it has a good dose of creatine nitrate. Please read a lot about this, research every chemical.

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