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  1. HKF1 Beta 1.3 - hkf1v1_3.pk3

  2. sweet idea!
  3. im fan of no1 & 2 no3: maps are blocked for a voting period. 6 maps in between? not sure how many. no4: some of these maps were played and lagged out or just gave big disadvantages for one team. especially when bots are on the maps. i remember v2base a mess, egypt defn a floor killer. pretty hard for allies considering the spam . im actually a big fan of all 1944_ maps hydro and tram are really nice maps, tested before and suggested too. dunno what happened. but maybe DD has some of these alrdy in pipeline.
  4. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    erdenberg would be nice, also keep missile, since these are maps which are played also on etpro . it would be nice if HC would stay as close as possible to etpro. so fun maps to silent1. one big problem at italy is the spam. and then friendly fire on. if ppl would know what they do it would be prolly a playable map. but not with this spam. its defn hardcore to play this map but has nothing to do with HC.
  5. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    i would remove both.
  6. Enemy Territory List of Playable Maps

    Arent they a bit small for jay1?
  7. OK, You CFG Experts!

    always good to build its own cfg or copy another one. but going through all cmds. this is how u learn and understand what is needed and what not. takes u maybe a day. =)
  8. Cant join to any server ET:Legacy

    what os u have 7 or 10?
  9. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    italy empties HC. no-one will miss it. as soon as it is gone. ppl may notice for once, twice. then its forgotten. warbell not played often and seriously its hardcore. these maps suits more to silent1
  10. ETpro servers!?

    i don't get the problem in telling the ip's. since its not competing with FA cause FA's etpro server are not really active. and u don't steal"" ppl from other mods. anyway. use http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverlist u can search for mod. current are 4 active pro servers out there. we play regally almost every evening mixed 3o3 or 5o5, as soon as enough ppl are willed. pm me if u r interested.
  11. My car... :P

    nice one! can you sleep in there? how is the interior? and about how many miles we r talking? now i understand when u say u travel there and there. seems fun with such bus hum car hum her =)
  12. ETxReal Modifikation

    im so happy i can play et on that crap laptop with almost stable fps. this would def ruin it for me. but i guess for maybe some "new" players it could be get their attention for that game. even though. since how many years they are developing it? 6 afaik?
  13. Your Favorite Fast Food?

    best kebap
  14. Recent book you've read

    im not reading but listening audiobooks. atm i got the terry pratchett stuff. there is a german woman who reads it and i laugh my ass off. i rly like it. otherwise then this i'm reading paolo coelho atm
  15. ETPro public war meet ups

    u made it =) and now get a headset and we r fine ! cu soon!