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  1. Tram_Siege_Final, Cortex, Stargate
  2. This guy has all kinds of ideas for decent pcs for around that price.
  3. Whaddup all, I have a suggestion that would be fun for all. Warmup team damage/kills. I know it can be enabled without having team damage on in regular play, which would be fun. So what do y'all think ? is this something the server owners would be willing to do ? Would anyone actually object to it ? I'd love to hear thoughts. fisti
  4. Or add like 5 more maps and let the players criticize them, or one new map every two weeks for trial.
  5. Haha, its been a long while since I've played catherdal, thought it was big. Tram_siege_final is a really good map, fairly big from what I remember.
  6. Hello all in F|A world. I know there is always talk about new maps but it needs to be done. late night hours for me (AZ time) server is slow sometimes really slow. We don't even need to take away any really, maybe "ruins23" because everyone complains especially about that one and "theriver". I've mentioned before "Catherdal" its a nice big map, also "stargate" is another fun one, "tank_buster" is another. And my all time favorite which has alot of haters "Cortex_revised". It just seems that its the same old same old and players have a tendency to get tired of that, like I suggested not much in terms of change, just add three of four new maps, and take out those two server killers. So what does everyone think ? Lets keep the server fresh.. Sincerely, fisti
  7. Tram siege final and Stargate please maybe remove ruins23.
  8. Thats badass, nice build Hip. Im happy for you, its nice to have a new custom PC

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