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  1. prosac

    My cfg

    i have to admit that they are a few lines i know nothing about like the seta-ui commands. Are they usefull?
  2. Ok this is for you lucifer as you've asked for my cfg file. i got to advise you that all of it is maybe not good to take because we may not have the same pc. This cfg has it s graphic setting set to maximum since i got a powerfull pc so you may have to adjust a few settings. Sensi is very personnal and also depends of your mice and mice pad. My sensi is pretty high, 500hrz on mice setting not 1000hrz. Raw input used for negative acceleration. Last thing the binding for med packs and seryngue are also personnal you may have to re bind them too. intel core i5, 16 go ram. autoexec.cfg
  3. the thing is that i have to change the hud every time i connect that's why i wanted to ad it in my cfg file.
  4. you can t change the hud via your cfg, you can only do it via jaymod game option. suzumya gave me the solution.
  5. ok i solved my pb. Anyway if you find some wrong stuff don t hesitate^^
  6. Hi all, i want to change my hud but it doesn t work. I post my cfg maybe you will see some wrong stuff in it. Thks. autoexec.cfg
  7. i would love transmiter and i think overlord should be limited at 32 because it s almost impossible for allies to get obj that is next to axis spawn point.
  8. is transmiter final unplayable? because i love this map. After there is base race.
  9. change this line in your cfg seta cg_crosshaircolor "red" replace red by cyan.
  10. i think cores are ok since WET only runs using a single core i have seen a command to enable multi core using but not sure it works or that it is really better. who could remember me that command by the way? anyway on jay2 no problem at all the lagometer has no yellow picks at all.
  11. i saw cg_lagometer twice. Concerning the fps drop i think it happens to almost everyone. It happens to me a lot when there are more than 40 players on the server.
  12. Nice looking cfg, i am using it too now i just added a few personal tricks though. thanks !
  13. hi hipkat ^^ as you often play as a medic you may appreciate thoses You can bind like you want ! // // medic packs set med2part1 "cg_drawGun 1; weaponbank 6; wait 5; +attack" set med2part2 "-attack; wait 5; cg_drawGun 0; weaponbank 2; weaponbank 3" unbind mouse2 bind mouse2 "+vstr med2part1 med2part2" // // medic seringue set med1part1 "cg_drawGun 1; weaponbank 5; wait 5; +attack" set med1part2 "-attack; wait 5; cg_drawGun 0; weaponbank 2; weaponbank 3" unbind mouse5 bind mouse5 "+vstr med1part1 med1part2
  14. ooops not sure my last message was posted so what about a speed X2 server like the one of arès FFa server. It is really fun and you can run very fast and knife around.

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