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  1. My problem is not hitting those headshots I very rarely get that ping
  2. Help me with my aim cfg What do you need to know to help me with my aim PC specs, mouse, keyboard? PLEASE HAHA
  3. I think i figured something out HAHA I put a short cut on my desktop and added +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +set r_mode "-1" +vid_restart to the target shortcut
  4. I just so lost now, I put the changes in both .cfg files, the one in etmain and the one in jaymod and it will work one time and then reset everything and i loose my XP What happened to just creating a new file like we used too, put the things we want in it and exacute it in game
  5. How do i create my own .cfg or what ever it is, i forget, been a long time. and where do I put it Right now I am just looking to set my res to 1920 x 1080 and set my name to ^1Mi^7k^4eJ
  6. Hey DD, thanks man I will have to check it out tomorrow, no time tonite
  7. How do i set my res to 1920x1080
  8. Greetings again Fearless Assassins, been a while. Not playing to many game lately, my hands get stiff and hurt alot more these days, but im sure it will not effect my already bad aiming HAHAHA
  9. My $5.00 monthly payment for May :-) Conformation Order 9JG80919EL530104B
  10. here fishy fishy lol

  11. MikeJ

    i say goodbye

    So sorry to hear this Rolan, I will Pray for you and for a speedy recover, Good luck.
  12. Another $5.00 from MikeJ Conformation Number 1LU20594626495541
  13. I have been friends with DD for many many years, we have been in a few clans together in which we was both leaders. He knows this game well :-)
  14. MikeJ


    Ok done, hope i got it right, thank you for info.
  15. Im poor, but here is 5.00 Conformation order 59728603F6737283W I hope i did this right, I donated 5 last month, but did not know about this. Went to Pay Pal site and found number there This is from last month 5$ domation. 9CE19366X5660733E

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