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  1. surprised to see myself here

    1. Xernicus


      It's only been forever and a day. ;) Good to see you again!

    2. Rasti


      yeah, i will probably get back to et during summer :D

  2. No time for play, i broke my mouse and school is taking all the time + good old connection problems : ) .

    1. Carbonautics


      wait?what???? Were you playing soccer with it? lol

  3. http://prntscr.com/c5ci9o playing again in monday i quessss. my school starts in tuesday and im so bored right now ;3;
  4. I'm back now, ill be active on forums and servers again. (Atleast visiting forums everyday) ;3;)/

  5. Won't be playing on next week, going to music camp. ( ͡° ͜つ ͡°)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Rasti


      really what?



    3. Xernicus


      lol ok Silent 1 is 'Silent Recruiting'. 'Beginners 2' used to be Silent 2.

    4. Carbonautics


      really are you not playing on beginners 2?

  6. i'll cum back in 5 days ( ͡° ͜つ ͡°)

    1. TheJuice


      8==> - - - pew pew pew!

    2. bo0m


      Juice don't talk with your mouth full :'D

  7. Rasti

    Who Are You?

    First name: Any sort of Nickname?: Rasti Age: 12 What country are you from?: Finland Are you a Parent?: Heell no D: How many siblings do you have?: 3 What's your shoe size?: 39 What do you do for a living?: play et and mess with friends Greatest Fear?: dont have one ;3; Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: mm not sure Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: I started listening to Japanese music on class but forgot to plug my headphones to my phone. First thing you look for in a new friend?: Kindness Farthest you've been from home?: sweden TopKek What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: I started playing this game in FA servers because my older Brother did too ;3; Cat or Dog?: NEKO!!! What are your hobbies?: Play violin, floorball, drawing What kind of Sports do you like?: Floorball, football, What's your favorite color?: Red or something like that x) How about your favorite type of music?: Dubstep and anime music Favorite Song?: Dont have one right now but im huge Zomboy fan What's your favorite TV show?: Acchi Kocchi TV Series What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Comedy, horror, mystery, action Favorite Movie?: Rambo I, Rambo II, Rambo III and ofc The Simpsons movie xD Favorite Book?: dun have one ;3; What do you like most about yourself?: What do you hate most about yourself?: What makes you very happy?: Friends, music and hilarious things What makes you very sad?: School and being sick What's your favorite beverage?: Pepsi x3 What you're favorite food/snack?: hamburgers? idk lol Favorite actor/Actress?: Sylvester Stallone Favorite season? Why?: Summer cus u can do everything on summer :3 Favorite subject in school?: English Favorite thing to learn about?: English and random things If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Japan What are your top three games of all time?: MKWii, Geometry Dash and ET of course :3 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: not sure lol Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: i dont really have one How many games do you own?: idk 10? Do you play console?: Wii, PS3 What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC and android What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): YouTube.com ​

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