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  1. Why is there no response on the second hop in the last photo? And why is there no response from your router's hop(3rd hop) in your 2nd screenshot you sent? If you figure that out maybe it can help a bit?
  2. Namaste. I just went through a old topic of hindi questions, instead of waking that 2 year old up, if anyone wants to get english to hindi translation, hit me up yo!!!!

  3. Carbonautics

    Travel History

    Let's see, my list looks something like this: India : x10000000000000 Thats my list thanks for viewing
  4. 1) The chat suddenly decided to register my chat twice, so I type hi which is displayed twice in the chat. El! Faced it too but only with his voice commands. 2) 2 tanks, I did get killed by tj'ing from inside to outside but didn't die from outside to in. Strange... 3) Idk which temple map is being tested, couldn't change to mlb temple when el! Voted for it.
  5. idk how you are just 1.87cm( its 187 i get it) but hi and welcome!!!!
  6. Hi, i dont like your high pitch voice please dont use it. Thank you
  7. Also spare us from the lootboxes pls :P But yeah, mw 2 was great remaster would make it greater.
  8. Hmmmm........ Lately I have noticed that most of our new DOI applicants are inacitve on forums, not sure about servers too. Maybe many of them are just casual gamers? IDK whats wrong here

  9. HI, and welcome to the forums
  10. DD is a funny guy. :P

    1. toxicity


      Did you mean fungi ?


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