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    welcome to the forums! ill be seeing you in Silent#1. im on there alot. enjoy your stay and have fun!!!
  2. Bladez

    WHO AM I

    welcome to the fourms and ET servers. im in Jay2 sometimes so hopefully ill see you there!!
  3. mine came from a nickname from highschool. I was in an autobody shop and I got great skills with taping and pinstriping with a razor blade. they called my blades but with the Z because I used a "razor"
  4. Bladez

    Knife war

    it was such a good time. even though we had players that mess it up especially the bots. they messed it all up but we got it
  5. mine came from a nickname i got from my shop back in highschool
  6. someone kept doing it. we had tons of knife wars. it was hilarious
  7. this is the picture for the post I can never seem to get a picture on the actual post. its always a URL. the pic is down below
  8. ~"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent\screenshots\2016-09-14-234034-sp_delivery_te.jpg we did our best to get everyone into the elevator on the map Special Delivery. it took a little bit but we managed click on image for lighter picture
  9. welcome SUPA and welcome to the forums. I was wondering on when youd show up on here.
  10. welcome to the forums Rambo. glad you made it
  11. my mouse has a laser on the bottom and not a ball. i hate when the ball gets stuck and doesnt roll. its an optical mouse as well
  12. this is a warnin, the devils callin!

  13. "keep your head down kid, your 15 seconds are done!"

  14. Welcome to the Forum. enjoy your stay!
  15. Welcome to the servers and forums bro. Have a great time and I'm glad to see you're on here.
  16. thank you so much redy. you always pull through lol. good job
  17. Bladez

    Favorite Music Videos

    i can never find out how to make my videos show up as the actual video lol
  18. hey everyone, okay so I don't know if there was a post about music videos and I apologize if there was one lol. just want to know your favorite music video. doesn't matter what genre. just please don't put any inappropriate stuff on here. thank you. so first is mine of coarse. I just started loving this band. they have amazing music and its only audio but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJtBYAKBByk
  19. cant post any pics but my stongest is exxecutor with a 1500 something CP with Solar beam baby oh yeah!!. level 21 Team Instinct!!!!

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