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  1. hey! Munchin! glad to see you on here!! enjoy!!
  2. sorry ive been away for so long....

    1. RedBaird


      It happens to all of us, no worries mate!


      Joke: You will make some players happy if your "Gaming-Blade" has gotten dull and you are "easier meat" now. :D


      For the Sad News...catch up on the reports about Trolls and Cheats. :(

  3. Bladez


    hey, welcome to the Forums! enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome to the forums!!!
  5. hello and welcome to the forums
  6. Okay so the reason why I brought this topic up us because there has been countless times where I am by myself or with other admins who don't have the "shuffle" command. I forget how high of an admin you have to be to get that command. Most times I experienced that when a shuffle is needed and I have no authority to do so and alot of players get mad due to uneven teams. I just feel that with the amount of responsibility, we could get the shuffle command
  7. Bladez


    Welcome to the forums!!
  8. Bladez

    Game Code Error

    It worked for me.
  9. Bladez

    Game Code Error

    Hey everyone. So I downloaded ET on a different laptop. Well when I tried to go into the servers I go on, I get a game code error. The code is below. Can anyone help me out? "Game Code (ui_mp_x86.dll)failed pure server check"
  10. I also just got word that the guy I gave it to, couldn't fix it. I might be using a different computer.(my mother's laptop). There shouldn't be a problem with the IP address right?
  11. I just found my new favorite song. It's Blood, Sweat and Tears from Upon A Burning Body
  12. I'm drinking orange Powerade. I cut down on the sodas alot too
  13. You guys are truly the best. I do not regret joining this family one bit. I love it here and you guys always find a way to help me out. Once I get it back and working, don't worry I'll be back to fragging and recruiting.
  14. Hey, welcome to the forums enjoy your stay!!
  15. Please tell me I won't loose my level as a jr admin
  16. So no matter what I loose my levels and have to restart all of my work? I never knew this would happen.
  17. I havent. I gave it to a friend who is a tech guy. Hopefully he gets it going. He thinks it could be the hard drive. I was just spit balling, thinking I would loose levels
  18. Hello, as some of you know I have been having trouble with my computer booting. The thing is I believe it restored/formated itself. What I'm afraid of is that it wiped all of my ET documents and files from the computer. Which means I probably lost my XP which was around 110k on silent #1. The big question is, since it probably formated itself, do I loose my level as a jr. Admin? Do I have to restart all over? I really hope not because I put alot of time and dedication into this awesome clan.
  19. I don't have any money. That's one of my biggest problems

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