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  1. Bladez

    ET with Chrome

    i cant find a good link to download it
  2. Bladez

    ET with Chrome

    what is wine?
  3. Bladez

    ET with Chrome

    hello! i just got a new laptop but its a Chromebook. Is ET able to download on that or no?
  4. No worries! Personal life comes first. We can all agree to that. Welcome back and happy fragging
  5. So I really didn’t want to be writing this because I didn’t know it would come to this but a couple days ago me and my girlfriend went to the hospital. After hours of waiting around and a bunch of tests, we ended up loosing our child. We though that it was 6 weeks in. She believes that we lost it a couple weeks into the pregnancy. We’re holding up okay. It’s hard to fathom and wrap our minds around it but god works in mysterious ways.
  6. Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Any questions, let us know
  7. She went to the doctors today and was told that she is not miscarrying! We’re having a baby!!
  8. So more news, unfortunately for me and her, we are looking at signs of a miscarriage. She’s been vomiting, getting vaginal spotting and she’s always tired. I wish we had an accurate answer to if she is or not. This is very hard on us.
  9. I would like to see temple come back! I always loved that map and always will
  10. Hey there! Welcome to the Forums! Enjoy!!
  11. Thank you all for your support. She currently is having multiple cramps every 30 Mins. She experienced this in her last miscarriage.
  12. Hey FA family! So I’ve been wanting to bring it up but we wanted to be sure. Me and my girlfriend Emily are expecting our first child together!! We just found out so we don’t know the gender yet. She is due towards the end of March 2020. Only thing is she has PCOS which makes it hard for her to carry full term. Meaning she’s at risk of miscarriage. I ask if everyone keep me and my girlfriend in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and for everything to be okay. I will try to keep everyone updated when I find out more news! Thank you!!
  13. Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park Such a great song to listen to
  14. Hey there max power! Glad to see you on here! I’ll have to find you on HC one day and frag together. I’ll be watching you. Welcome to the forums and enjoy!!
  15. The Thunder Rolls (Cover) by All That Remains
  16. hello and welcome! feel free to ask any questions or concerns. Enjoy!!
  17. Bladez

    im back!

    I just entered a new issue
  18. hey everyone im back. sorry ive been away. life has been busy. still trying to get my xp and levels back from my old PC.
  19. Bladez

    getting you XP back

    I had almost 200k I believe
  20. Bladez

    getting you XP back

    hello everyone, I recently got my new PC and I just got my lvls back but I haven't gotten my XP back. can someone help me please??

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