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  1. Recommend a movie!

    at this point i have to recommend "Mr.Robot". Its not a movie, its a series.. i hate series normally, but this one is freaking awesome. Its inspirated by the movie "Fight Club" and for me IT IS LIKE A LOOOONG MOVIE. Its all about hacking and psychic stuff. All episodes are connected to each other and there are much "WTF?" moments... First season has 10 episodes, second is just coming in TV in america right now... You can watch it on Amazon Prime for example... Dont get addicted guys!!!! edit: for me its the best stuff ever seen on a screen :DDD
  2. POKEMON GO Available in 26 countries

    why not, nothing better than road rage with STAR
  3. POKEMON GO Available in 26 countries

    this hype is tooooo crazyyyy
  4. mine is the name of a ex-girl. not that she was very special, but when i started ET again after my 7 or 8 years break, she appeared in my cfg and i was too lazy to change XD.
  5. Seeing with 'eyes shut': This is your brain on LSD

    on mushrooms i suggest to go out to nature and enjoy the new perspective of it all, than walking aimless and lost throught the redlight district in amsterdam heheh:> could turn into a freaky trip
  6. i heard, even when you turn off all those "data sniffing" settings in win10, it still sends them... i think it was "chaos computer club" who said. i try to keep my win 7 as long as possible or switch to linux and make a virtual windows for the stuff where windows is needed.
  7. CFG improvement

    yes it does thx, but no plan where the error was..^^
  8. graphics cfg

    hi everyone! finally i did a "real" installation of ET and worked little bit on the graphics. i am interested in your cfg's and what it really looks like on screen. i am sure there are some improvements on mine... so i will start: seta r_mapoverbrightbits "3" seta r_overBrightBits "1" seta r_fastsky "1" seta r_drawSun "1" seta r_gamma "1.5" seta r_intensity "1.1" seta r_primitives "2" seta r_textureMode "gl_linear_mipmap_linear" seta cg_coronas "0" seta cg_shadows "0" seta cg_wolfparticles "0" seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0" edit: in game menu, i also calibrated brightness to 1.5 cant find this in cfg.. my prob is, i cant set my et to a 16:9 aspect, i get a openGl error when i try it in game menu. i also tryed those settings but nothing happens: seta r_customwidth "1600" seta r_customheight "900" greets Sandra-
  9. CFG improvement

    hey fighter, i took a look on your cfg and tryed out your fov toggle (+vstr knien stehn). lookes like a useful thing specially for far distance, but i cant get it to work. when i push CTRL (in my case), i go crouch, fov is set but then i am stucked in crouch mode... cant get back to stand. any idea?
  10. Traces Of Atomic Oxygen On Mars

    its very interesting stuff they discover... i think, there is much more going on our neigbour planets, but i'm afraid they "can't" tell the whole truth. according to the technology they found in germany after ww2, the possibility to get to mars existes for more than 70 years. (for us). its hard for me to imagine, they were not there earlier if that is true.. hopefully we get more news soon about that .... some years ago, i saw a documentary in tv about stealth technology. they talked with a technician and he was like: "yea thats interesting stuff with the stealth thing, but on those technologys we research in our bunkers, starwars and stuff we can imagine is the PAST" ..... ....the rest you can guess...
  11. Favorite weapon

    my favourite is the poison gas xD as proximity sensor its very helpfull, its the eye in my back
  12. hello!

    thanks mates!!!
  13. Why you play ET ?

    first of all i like love the gamplay with the classes and the objectives. you can play different styles, offensive, defensive, obj or just fragging. its just a sexy game with style and i am so happy that ET communities still exists :D
  14. hello!

    hi et dudes, i am 37 years old and from austria. Sandra was a girlfriend and my ET-nick when i quit 8 years ago. so i am male sry XD. FA-servers rock, so after my restart i just played here on the beginners server. i had a nice talk with "Shew" and now i like to say hello to all FA guys and girls greets Sandra-