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  1. Super nice work on the head by my machinist! Got the head back looking minty fresh with just a little shave to bump up the compression. Time to reassemble! Head on! Cams pulleys on! 3 hours and a couple beers later and ready to turn key! Took it for a shake down run and all was right with the world! Time to build up the bank account and move on to doing some suspension work. See you on S1.
  2. Made good progress getting the head off. Head doesn't look in too bad of shape but definitely needs a new seals and to be hot tanked. Hopefully won't be too much $$$.
  3. Not a lot of power but more than makes up for it in cornering and top down fun department. Also relatively uncomplicated to work on with just basic tools. Mazda designed them right!
  4. Winter has set in early here in Minnesota which means it's time for winter car projects. I have a '91 Mazda Miata/Eunos/MX-5 with 95,000 miles or 154,000 kilometers, so it's time do the timing belt and replace coolant hoses. It also has an annoying oil galley leak between the head and the block, so will be pulling the head to repair. While the head is off going to replace the valve seals. Here we go!
  5. A Lonely Blond. It's a beer by Fulton Brewery!
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