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  1. Saved by the bell! (me, that is. I was really scared.)
  2. Hiya! I've been away for close to two years, more about that here, now I'm back and I think I'll be active about couple of times per month. I'm not sure what should I do about my membership status, will I still be accepted etc. But I was suggested to post here in regards to my return My GUIDs haven't changed, I've lost my level in Hardcore for sure, but have kept it in Recruiting for sure. Right now I'm running without tags just to be sure Off to a vacation, ciao!
  3. Hiya! Last I was really active was summer of 2016, so something close to two years has passed! My original introduction can be found here! So right about now I'm classified as an inactive member and I was hoping to do something about it to change that. But first, couple of things have changes since the original introduction was made My name is still the same and I haven't acquired any new nicknames over the past two years. I have aged two years though... smh. I haven't moved from the lovely country of Estonia thus far and haven't fathered any children either. My shoe size is no longer 42!! I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but last week I went shopping for new bootsies and well, I had to take number 43 (EU size) bootsies. I've traveled a bit, so Italy is not anymore my "If you could go anywhere, where would you go" place, but an actual place that I've actually visited! Earlier this year I went to Northern Italy, visited Milan, Venice, Florence and Genoa. Also saw the Ornate 14th-century tower with a tilt and took mandatory pictures. So the farthest I've been from home can be upgraded from 1100 to something close to 2000! I don't think I have an "where would you go" place right now, I'm quite happy right here. Florence was mega-beautiful though... I've improved in C#, I am working with Java, but my love stays for Python. I've finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering and am moving forwards to Master's studies. What happened two years ago after summer was well.. school started, and I wanted to finish my 3 year studies with 2 years, heh-heh. Almost worked out that one for me. So what happened last week was that on Saturday I went to the countryside and my cousin was playing on Hardcore server, so naturally I played a few rounds of my own. I thought nothing of it until I returned and few days later stumbled upon my Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder. I was wondering whether or not it was the backup folder (since it was in a kinda random location) and we were arguing with my cousin if KR stays when experience points get reset. So I launched the game and in all its glory the sidebar with FA servers was still there (yay!). I tapped that Hardcore button like it was hot and lo and behold, I was in. Since my last visit was probably very long ago XP as gone and KR as well. Haa! Suck on that, cousin! However I also got warned about tags in front of my name. I thought I was relegated from the member status because of that and removed the tags. This morning however, I went on a quest to find a more active server at a time when sunlight was fading in like a scene from bad theater production. Having found players on F|A Recruiting server, I noticed my tag was back. I quickly removed it as to avoid the warn. There were some members online too (Vindstot, Tipsy and some others) who informed me, that I still had Trial Member status on that server (level 11) put ya tags on! . So we had a little chat and I was suggested to inform y'all about my status! The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated! I wonder if I can tag people here somehow to notify people who might 'member me . Sisje was the one to introduce me to y'all, Wolf081 was always active earlier than most people - still is I think. PeaceMan was online almost every evening-late night. Redangel frequented HC and we chatted couple of times on TS. Zer0 too, but I'm not sure if he made it past the Trial part. Douglas, Genesis and Snoopy were around often. In regards to playing, we'll see if I've improved or not. First tests suggest I've still got a kink for that Biggest prey award. I'm not sure how actively I will play. Couple of times a month probably, chaotically as always. Cheers! See y'all on the receiving end of my dumdums ! Addendum : RandaL brought GUIDs to my attention. I've now checked both my GUIDs and they appear to have not been changed
  4. Rawrno


    Really, you have to accept this, nooneonetheone, he is not coming back to F1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/robert-kubica-could-been-f1-4616509 Edit : Good news, nooneonetheone !! http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/128010 , he wants to have a go in F1 again I think he is going to have a run in WEC this year tho
  5. Rawrno


    Brought us a hell'ova race
  6. Rawrno


    Summer break is over, get ready for Belgium weekend guys!
  7. A warm welcome to our teeny-tiny cyberspace. But if you haven't seen Stranger Things - dude you gotta watch Stranger Things! But if you have seen 'em, maybe True Detective? Just lower you expectations like hell for the second season You know this would be a whole lot easier if you went on a rant about yourself and your show-whaching behaviours
  8. Forget cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!
  9. As of 8 hours ago "Crisis" in name had half its name cencored at match start. When they connect, it's fine, but when a new round starts or they connect during warmup and warmup ends, they get cencored. As of right now this is affecting two players.
  10. I absolutely ADORE voice-chat !!! You can have actual conversations using just it !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RStHv63xgWk Just. Watch. (Area42 - 10 Reasons You Play Too Much Return to Castle Wolfenstein) I'm sure you've seen it already - it was literally 2nd video I saw on the internets I used to play NQ a lot because I loved the pace. I still do, no camping no bullshit, just glide into the wall of enemies and take a couple with you if you can. Love the dedicated servers which allow communities to forum and regulars to visit. The fact that users can and do create new content for the game. And high-functioning BOTs are always fun when you're waiting for competition
  11. Yeah there aren't many words like that, but since a players name was cencored I thought we could do some kind of workaround maybe. And if someone has a problem with ISIS (not the best wording tho but what the hell) I'm sure admins can take care of such problems That player "Pulse Nightclub Crisis Actor" could play one map with his name, but then it went colorless and cencored again. Also I just found the link removed topic. There was an issue with 'ntm' - in the "silentmod" Problem with this cencor is that it doesn't recognize words :/
  12. New issue! "ISIS" is censored, so "crisis" gets partially cencored. It also affects a players name - Pulse Nightclub Crisis Actor or something the likes.
  13. !!!!! Jazz Jackrabbit ** but no worries XD. That was my very favorite game of all of the 153 DOS games that I had ^.^ For those of you who do not know a game it was (mostly) 2D sidescroller platformer game resembling Sonic in the essence the character was rather speedy; in the first game the bonus levels were 3D ^.^ This one is from JJ2 but damn, look at that Bunny! I also lost countless hours in Dangerous Dave, KEEN series, Spear, Wolf3D, The Incredible Machine (which I called 'The building game') and many many others. But I've never heard of these three XD Also... what the shit? → I had to replace cute yellow smiley faces with text-smileys, oh well
  14. But just to make it clear - the suggestions are more welcome here than on the tracker or vice verca?

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