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  1. Excuse the ignorance. I'm looking for a (legal) script (if there is such a thing) that will reduce recoil for ANY weapon that is used...? I mostly play on the Silent server and typically use the PSSH or whatever it is called. Can that recoil be reduced, especially when I'm being hit?
  2. Thanks to the help of awesome people in a previous thread (couldn't remember the map name), I can now request that Breakout be added as a map on Silent 1. Seems that server plays the same handful of maps over and over again and might be due for a fresh influx of different maps! Thanks!
  3. Breakout! That's the one! Technically yes, but not sure if you are thinking of me or BEESHMAN. I'm not BEESHMAN, but am family. I was in NB clan a long time ago. Started my own clan {LW} (Lone Wolf clan). That was ages ago as well. Just got back into the game again.
  4. Hey guys, I remember a map I enjoyed playing way back when. I'm not even entirely sure it was an ET map... could've been a RTCW map. It was a smallish map that had a church/chapel that either the Allies or Axis spawned in (think it was Axis but unsure) and the tank had to be escorted in roughly an upside down U pattern through the town around that chapel. Not sure if that is the entire map, but that's the only part I'm remembering. Does anyone remember this map? I know I'm not really giving a lot to go by and certainly not doing a great job at describing it. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I've been playing on mostly the silent server for a long time now. There are a couple things I've noticed that I'd like to suggest in order to make the gameplay more fun. 1. Knife damage is set way too high. It literally can take one hit from a knife to be killed, whereas, most of the time, it takes multiple gunshots to be killed. I would suggest that knife damage be a little bit more realistic. 2. Limit the number of medics each team can have. There are limits on the number of panzers, flamethrowers, etc that can be on each team. Why not limit the number of medics? I've had PLENTY of experiences on the server where maps are just completely ruined by most of the team being medics and either not caring to do the objectives, or the opposite team being composed of mostly medics and just plowing through. There are many very good players that come to your servers, and that's great, but most of the time these stellar players tend to be medics and not even bother trying to revive/heal teammates, etc. Essentially, as a former clan admin who ran many successful servers in the past, I just feel that sometimes some things can/should be done to optimize playability and enjoyment for the majority of players. Thanks for reading! Beeshbum
  6. I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood my post #3. I don't want a script to sometimes give me a weapon. What I'm saying is currently that is what it does but I always want the script to start me off with weapon3 after I exit the script. Currently, I can toggle main weapon (weapon 3) and handgun (weapon 2) with the script you originally provided. However, when I go to another weapon bank, sometimes the script you gave me will go to handgun first instead of always starting with weapon 3. Is there any way to make it always start with weapon 3 regardless of how the loop was exited? I think I remember my old script working that way.
  7. I'm sorry, I don't think I fully understand what you are suggesting for me to do.
  8. Thanks! Works great! Any way to make it default to a particular weapon after something else is clicked? For instance, when I go to weapon 5 and then want to go back to 3 but use the MOUSE5 button, it will sometimes take me to the handgun. I'd prefer to always go to weapon 3 when I exit the "loop".
  9. Hello! I've been a long time ET Player, but just now getting back to it after years off. I used to have an autoexec.cfg that I no longer have, so trying to recreate it from memory which makes it a bit hard as I'm a bit rusty. In my autoexec.cfg, I used to have a script that would toggle a mouse thumb button between weapon 3 and weapon 2. The other mouse thumb button would toggle between weapon 6 and weapon 5. These were MOUSE5 and MOUSE4 buttons. I saw the examples in your tutorials, but I cannot get them to work. (http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/52-wolfenstein-et-binding/) What I want to happen is, when using the first thumb button on the mouse (MOUSE5), I want it to toggle from main weapon (weapon 3) and go to the handgun (weapon 2) and back and forth each time I click it. Same for MOUSE4, but with weapon 6 and weapon 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried a few things and no avail. I've been playing exclusively on your servers (one of the few I've seen without bots!). I'd like to try to regain my competitive form!

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