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  1. Thanks all for the discussion. Like I said I get the intent and the purpose of it (autoshuffle), but I think providing shuffle as a vote option open to all players at any point in the map would be beneficial (that way, the players can sort of self-admin if the teams are off and admins aren't around). Also, the instance of an auto-shuffle when the teams are not even in numbers is fine. I just don't know if you can set it to only autoshuffle only on that one condition. As I said in my initial comment, very rarely is there not an admin around, at least at the times I play (and I play often and at different times). Perhaps a happy medium would be based on these guidelines? 1. Disable autoshuffle for every 2-3 (or 3-4) maps (or whatever frequency it is set to). 2. If possible, enable it ONLY in the case where the teams are uneven by >=3. 3. Enable a shuffle vote for players and make this available at all times of the map (not just first X seconds or Y minutes). If this were my server, I'd set this to a simple majority (51%) threshold. Maybe even 50%. (Hell, while we're at it, maybe allow other types of votes so players can admin the server on their own... for example, allow for mute votes and other stuff). 4. Server admins that are present would manually fix teams if all else fails. Expectation would be that this would be done by FA members first evening up the teams as part of their clan duty (whether by number and/or skill based). If still not balanced, then admins should request in the game chat for volunteers and then if no volunteers, manually pick a reasonable player(s) to swap teams. Let's be honest. We've all seen it and I'm probably right in assuming that at least 95% of the time at least ONE player leaves after autoshuffle if they get placed on the team opposite of what they prefer. Sometimes I am that one player. Other times I am not. But even just ONE person leaving after an autoshuffle renders that autoshuffle inaccurate (sometimes largely inaccurate, sometimes barely inaccurate). I realize it's never going to be perfect and people are going to come and go before/after shuffles. However, I stand by my observation that a very frequent amount of times, a fair amount of people leave after shuffles if they get put on teams they don't prefer. In a way, I guess I just sort of feel like silent1 (the only server I really play on) is fairly over-administered and I don't really think it needs to be.
  2. Just wanted to suggest turning off autoshuffle and relaxing any other shuffling that is done. It is rare that a player can get through probably 2 maps without seeing a shuffle. Sometimes you get lucky and shuffle keeps you on your preferred team. Other times, you don't. Some players, like myself, prefer (or really only enjoy) playing on a specific team. When the shuffle (auto or done by admin) happens pretty much every map (there have been times where I counted 6 straight maps with teams being shuffled), it can be frustrating. There are times where I will try playing on the non-preferred side when I'm shuffled to it, but the majority of the time it just isn't fun for me and I'll leave (and so do a lot of other people). Aside from that, I noticed that shuffling tends to often lead to a bunch of people leaving the server or going spec for a long time. Of course a lot of people leaving after a shuffle defeats the purpose of the shuffle. I understand why you might want to shuffle often, but the reality is that shuffle often disrupts the server, and not for the better. I'm not sure I can remember a time where I've been on the server (early morning, mid-day, or even later in the day) and there hasn't been at least one server admin around. So... I'd suggest allowing for a vote to shuffle (I'm not sure that it currently is disallowed). Let the majority decide. The fallback of course being an admin if the teams are obviously stacked and the game play is just so obviously one-sided and a vote fails, then an admin can make a judgment call and do a shuffle on their own. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Come on!!! Add breakout! I've been asking forever! LOL! https://et.trackbase.net/map/125
  4. I'm not sure why the hostility? I've been respectful in this entire thread. I've also been respectful when it became clear that FA was not interested in changes I proposed for discussion, which is perfectly fine. If the server or even the game has morphed to something that someone struggles to find enjoyment with, is that not understandable? I'm not sure this sort of response was really necessary.
  5. I don't say it in a threatening way or "I'm taking my ball and going home" type way. Nor do I think that there are necessarily other servers that don't have the problem. All I can say for sure is that to me the problem has gotten worse to the point where it is not enjoyable for me anymore. I plead my case here, the idea wasn't adopted (which is fine), so I just need to then determine what my next step is. That's all. I might try some other servers you have, though for whatever reason the jaymod ones lag me out like crazy.
  6. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to need to take a break from the F|A servers perhaps. I'll swing by every now and then, but I just can't have fun anymore because every map is played with the majority on each side being medics. It's just not even fun or close to what I'm looking for when I play the game. See you guys around, every now and then.
  7. Thanks for your post, but personally, I'm not sure it's realistic to expect people (members or regulars), to be solely responsible for this. I'm guessing whoever set the server up would probably agree as there are other types of limits like panzer and what not. I think it needs to be a server config. All I'm saying is, I think more people leave with a bad taste because of the issue with too many medics versus what would leave if there were a medic limit. Good players are going to be good whether they are medics or soldiers or any other class. Good players are nearly impossible for me and other average players when they are medics and have 156hp. I find myself wanting more playing time most days, but can only stand short bouts of the game due to the medic issue.
  8. I've never personally seen a class limit on silent. Doesn't mean there aren't any, but I've never come across an inability to be any class I want, nor have I seen any indication that a class is not selectable.
  9. I don't know why, but it seems like lately (last month+), Silent1 has become overrun with medics. Many great matches have been ruined because you have what seems like on average 60%+ of a team being medics, and of course that's usually the class of choice of a lot of the really good players that frequent the server. I'd like to suggest that you take one (or both) of the following options: 1. Limit the medic class to X percentage of the team. You already limit Panzers to 1, Flamethrower to 1 and 2 or 3 MGs for soldiers, so why not limit medics too which ruin games more than any of those weapons for soldiers do? I'd suggest that perhaps limit the medic class to a maximum of 25% (or less). This means that if the server averages 10 players per side, 2 of the 10 could be medics (and 5 of 20, 6 of 25, 7 of 30, etc). That would be plenty in my opinion, and perhaps even too much). 2. Perhaps even adjust max health that medics have. HP maxes out at 156hp. That's roughly 25%-50% more than non-medic class. An excellent player that typically (or even usually/only) plays medic class, with 156hp, is practically invincible. In fact, I'm not sure I can remember the bulk of the really excellent players on the server being engineers or really anything helpful. A lot of the times they don't even bother healing or reviving others when they play medics as they just play for stats. Some can argue that medics SHOULDN'T have more hp than other classes. Some can argue that they should. Not sure I care to suggest whether they should or shouldn't, but I would suggest that the 156hp gets lowered to something more reasonable. Seems like Field Ops max out at perhaps 125hp? Maybe I've seen 135hp, but that might've been another class. I would suggest maxing medics out even at 135hp. Lastly, I'd just like to point out that server rules, banners, and admins are always reminding players to keep the teams fair and that team play is a must. I'd argue that keeping teams fair isn't just about the numbers on each side, but also about keeping the % of medics on each team to a playable value. Not sure I've seen anything kill the server more than having the match just become one big medic war. I've seen, on multiple occasions, a largely full server emptying out fairly quickly because the game just becomes unbearable. Also, like I said before, a lot of the times, forget it when it comes to needing healing or reviving from a medic a lot of the times. A lot of the good players choose medics and only play for stats it seems, so that whole team play rule doesn't really seem to be monitored in that case. Sorry for the long whine. I've whined plenty of times on the server about it but figured I'd put in a more formal "complaint" with what I feel are well thought out points on why I believe medics should be limited not just in numbers but also in their hp. I don't say the following as a means of "threatening to try and get my way", but I've found it less and less enjoyable over the last month or so playing on the server (and I'm guessing the other servers have this issue as well). I'm not sure I can or want to continue playing much longer when seemingly every time I come on to play and have some fun, it just isn't fun because of the ridiculous amounts of medics on the server. It's one thing to get owned constantly by better players. I can handle that and I'm used to that (lol), but when those better players are always medics and you have practically ZERO chance against them, it becomes tiresome. Thanks for reading and considering. Sorry for taking half of your life to get to the end. Hoping some good discussions can come of this, even if no changes are ultimately implemented.
  10. I like the map actually. What's a fun killer is that most of the time the server has become a medic war where 60% percent of teams are just all medic. I'm going to post a suggestion about limiting medic, just for discussion. Not expecting it to actually be adopted.
  11. Well in my previous request for it, it was said that it was removed so I figured it was a dead topic. https://et.trackbase.net/map/125
  12. In that case, Breakout! Been hoping for that for over a year now
  13. Both points are understandable. Thanks for enlightening me!
  14. I played a couple maps (small sample), but Fuel Dump was not a choice to vote for. I've seen some maps show after others and not after some. Not sure why that is?
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