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  1. Well in my previous request for it, it was said that it was removed so I figured it was a dead topic. https://et.trackbase.net/map/125
  2. In that case, Breakout! Been hoping for that for over a year now
  3. Both points are understandable. Thanks for enlightening me!
  4. I played a couple maps (small sample), but Fuel Dump was not a choice to vote for. I've seen some maps show after others and not after some. Not sure why that is?
  5. Certainly dropped FPS. Considerable lag. So much that it's actually unplayable for me. I don't often go there but silent server was down the other day. I'll try to give that a shot. I don't think it was anything on my PC causing it because I went to NQ servers after experiencing extreme lag on jaymod and it was fine.
  6. Wondering if anyone has any ideas why I might get extremely poor performance on the Jaymod servers only. Windows 10, plenty of power on the gaming rig, especially for a game this old. Silent and NQ run fine. Nice and smooth.
  7. I'd love to see Fuel Dump returned to Silent 1. I guess I'd prefer stock, but even a modified one would do the job. Thanks!
  8. It is available for anyone to download. I'm not on an insider build.
  9. After updating to Windows 10 1903, some of my autoexec settings no longer work. These would be settings that are mostly SOME mouse button bindings. Anyone have any idea why this might be? Sometimes it works after joining a server and doing exec autoexec.cfg in the console, but I never used to have to do that every time I connected but now I do. Lately, even that doesn't make the mouse bindings return to normal...
  10. Come on friends! Do me a solid! I've seen a ton of maps coming in and out of the server lately, just add it! If no one votes for it then it just won't get played!
  11. Thanks! I checked this and it IS using the proper video card. Thanks, I've added a variation of this. I didn't really see any sort of positive (or maybe even negative) impact on FPS with this though. Not sure if I should have expected that.
  12. Yeah, sorry, realized I wrote the wrong setting (hunkmegs instead of maxpackets). In all my time I've never recorded a demo or anything. Not even sure I know how to do that and then play it back on my PC lol. I'll see what I can find. I noticed with the Radeon settings, the quality of buildings and such is not nearly as good. I'm guessing at least one of the settings is setting it to lower quality, though I'm not sure exactly which. Gotta do some testing around the different settings.
  13. Apologies. It was maxpackets, not hunkmegs that I changed. I'm not sure what else to change as there was some discussion on suggestions made that were not relevant to my system.

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