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  1. Wondering if anyone has any ideas why I might get extremely poor performance on the Jaymod servers only. Windows 10, plenty of power on the gaming rig, especially for a game this old. Silent and NQ run fine. Nice and smooth.
  2. I'd love to see Fuel Dump returned to Silent 1. I guess I'd prefer stock, but even a modified one would do the job. Thanks!
  3. It is available for anyone to download. I'm not on an insider build.
  4. After updating to Windows 10 1903, some of my autoexec settings no longer work. These would be settings that are mostly SOME mouse button bindings. Anyone have any idea why this might be? Sometimes it works after joining a server and doing exec autoexec.cfg in the console, but I never used to have to do that every time I connected but now I do. Lately, even that doesn't make the mouse bindings return to normal...
  5. Come on friends! Do me a solid! I've seen a ton of maps coming in and out of the server lately, just add it! If no one votes for it then it just won't get played!
  6. Thanks! I checked this and it IS using the proper video card. Thanks, I've added a variation of this. I didn't really see any sort of positive (or maybe even negative) impact on FPS with this though. Not sure if I should have expected that.
  7. Yeah, sorry, realized I wrote the wrong setting (hunkmegs instead of maxpackets). In all my time I've never recorded a demo or anything. Not even sure I know how to do that and then play it back on my PC lol. I'll see what I can find. I noticed with the Radeon settings, the quality of buildings and such is not nearly as good. I'm guessing at least one of the settings is setting it to lower quality, though I'm not sure exactly which. Gotta do some testing around the different settings.
  8. Apologies. It was maxpackets, not hunkmegs that I changed. I'm not sure what else to change as there was some discussion on suggestions made that were not relevant to my system.
  9. Thanks for this. This appears to have helped raise my FPS back up to the 120s or 130s. I feel like I could still get better FPS on this machine somehow, but we're getting it better! The setting was in the AMD Radeon settings, as shown in the screenshot way up top in the thread. Thanks for pointing this out. Anyone else have any suggestions For things that I can/should change that are relevant to my system? So far, I changed hunkmegs in the autoexec.cfg to be 100 and changed the AMD Radeon settings to disable vsync.
  10. Bumped maxpackets to 100. Didn't notice much of a difference and FPS stayed the same, around a constant 60. On the old nvidia card I was constantly around 166 or something like that. Not sure exactly what display refresh is or where to find it, but I have just basic acer monitors. Probably a 60hz refresh if that's the same thing? Anything I can try next after the maxpackets? Not sure what other config items posted here are relevant to my exact setup. Thanks!
  11. This cfg is at least a decade old. I'm not smart enough to know perfect settings anymore :). Ill try the maxpackets increase. I have no idea what those other settings are you mentioned!
  12. seta name "^ZBeesh^fbum" seta cg_fov "120" // make screen bright so you can see better set r_mode -1 set r_customwidth 1920 set r_customheight 1080 set r_gamma 1.8 set r_mapoverbrightbits 1.0 set r_intensity 1.6 set r_primitives 2 //Crosshair seta cg_crosshairHealth "0" - Has to be 0 , or crosshaircolors won't show. seta cg_crosshairSize "23" - so the crosshair is just small enough that I got a clear black sircle around it seta cg_crosshairAlpha "0" - make it a bit more transparent, makes the outer sircle less visible, not covering up details seta cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "1.0" - the transpearacy of the dot (default) seta cg_crosshairColor "red" - color of the outer circle seta cg_crosshairColorAlt "red" - color of the dot set r_subdivisions 999 set r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" // (Fastest texture filtering) set com_maxfps 150 set cg_drawfps 1 pb_cl_enable set pb_sleep 500 // (250 is fine too) pb_system 0 //pb_security 0 // suicide bind p "playdead" bind k "kill" bind MOUSE2 "jump" set weap3 "weaponbank 3; bind mouse5 vstr weap4" set weap4 "weaponbank 6; bind mouse5 vstr weap3" bind mouse5 "vstr weap3" bind mouse4 "crouch" seta "cg_gibs" "0" seta "r_drawSun" "1" seta "r_fastsky" "0" seta "cg_shadows" "0" seta "cg_showblood" "0" seta "cg_wolfparticles" "0" seta "cg_atmosphericEffects" "0" seta "r_subdivisions" "999" seta "r_dynamiclight" "0" seta "r_stencilbits" "0" seta "r_colorbits" "16" seta "r_texturebits" "16" seta "r_depthbits" "16" seta "cg_coronoas" "0" seta r_ignoreFastPath "0" seta cg_coronafardist "0" seta r_lodCurveError "500" seta r_swapInterval "0" seta r_finish "0" seta r_lodbias "2" set r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic "0" set cl_maxpackets 50 seta v_kickroll 0 seta v_kickpitch 0 Excerpt of System Info (full version attached): [System Summary] Item Value OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer To be filled by O.E.M. System Model To be filled by O.E.M. System Type x64-based PC System SKU SKU Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, 3400 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 2501, 4/7/2014 SMBIOS Version 2.7 Embedded Controller Version 255.255 BIOS Mode Legacy BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. BaseBoard Product M5A99FX PRO R2.0 BaseBoard Version Rev 1.xx Platform Role Desktop Secure Boot State Unsupported PCR7 Configuration Binding Not Possible Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.17763.194" Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 12.0 GB Total Physical Memory 11.9 GB Available Physical Memory 7.79 GB Total Virtual Memory 11.9 GB Available Virtual Memory 5.34 GB [Added to this since it wasn't showing here] Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580 Page File Space 0 bytes Kernel DMA Protection Off Virtualization-based security Not enabled Device Encryption Support Reasons for failed automatic device encryption: TPM is not usable, PCR7 binding is not supported, Hardware Security Test Interface failed and device is not InstantGo, Un-allowed DMA capable bus/device(s) detected, Disabled by policy, TPM is not usable Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware Yes Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes Speedtest showed what I expected. Using the closest local server, I had a ping of 35ms with a 119.73Mbps download and 11.57Mbps upload. Finally, here are the Radeon settings, which I have a feeling are mostly the culprit. I appreciate any and all help here. Thanks! Specs.txt
  13. That has helped. Thanks. Still would like to improve just a bit better. Any suggestions?
  14. Hard to believe, but I upgraded to a better gaming card for another game I want to play, and now ET performance sucks. Old Card: nvidia Ge Force GTX 260 New Card: XFX Radeon RX 580 Previously, gameplay was incredibly smooth, always maxed out FPS regardless of the environment, etc. Had no issues at all. Now, with the new card, in any sort of action environment, I'm dropping to like 10 or less FPS. I don't understand what's going on here. I've checked/disabled a lot of the settings in the Radeon app, even turned off the ET profile it set up on its own, and nothing I do seems to make anything better. Anyone have any ideas? I find it hard to believe that a card this powerful can struggle with an old game like ET but not struggle with a newer, more powerful game. I have to believe it is something with the settings of either the card or the game, but I don't know what to do since everything I tried is not making a difference. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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