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  1. Thanks all for the discussion. Like I said I get the intent and the purpose of it (autoshuffle), but I think providing shuffle as a vote option open to all players at any point in the map would be beneficial (that way, the players can sort of self-admin if the teams are off and admins aren't around). Also, the instance of an auto-shuffle when the teams are not even in numbers is fine. I just don't know if you can set it to only autoshuffle only on that one condition. As I said in my initial comment, very rarely is there not an admin around, at least at the times I play (and I play often and at
  2. Just wanted to suggest turning off autoshuffle and relaxing any other shuffling that is done. It is rare that a player can get through probably 2 maps without seeing a shuffle. Sometimes you get lucky and shuffle keeps you on your preferred team. Other times, you don't. Some players, like myself, prefer (or really only enjoy) playing on a specific team. When the shuffle (auto or done by admin) happens pretty much every map (there have been times where I counted 6 straight maps with teams being shuffled), it can be frustrating. There are times where I will try playing on the non-preferred side
  3. Come on!!! Add breakout! I've been asking forever! LOL! https://et.trackbase.net/map/125
  4. I'm not sure why the hostility? I've been respectful in this entire thread. I've also been respectful when it became clear that FA was not interested in changes I proposed for discussion, which is perfectly fine. If the server or even the game has morphed to something that someone struggles to find enjoyment with, is that not understandable? I'm not sure this sort of response was really necessary.
  5. I don't say it in a threatening way or "I'm taking my ball and going home" type way. Nor do I think that there are necessarily other servers that don't have the problem. All I can say for sure is that to me the problem has gotten worse to the point where it is not enjoyable for me anymore. I plead my case here, the idea wasn't adopted (which is fine), so I just need to then determine what my next step is. That's all. I might try some other servers you have, though for whatever reason the jaymod ones lag me out like crazy.
  6. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to need to take a break from the F|A servers perhaps. I'll swing by every now and then, but I just can't have fun anymore because every map is played with the majority on each side being medics. It's just not even fun or close to what I'm looking for when I play the game. See you guys around, every now and then.
  7. Thanks for your post, but personally, I'm not sure it's realistic to expect people (members or regulars), to be solely responsible for this. I'm guessing whoever set the server up would probably agree as there are other types of limits like panzer and what not. I think it needs to be a server config. All I'm saying is, I think more people leave with a bad taste because of the issue with too many medics versus what would leave if there were a medic limit. Good players are going to be good whether they are medics or soldiers or any other class. Good players are nearly impossible for
  8. I've never personally seen a class limit on silent. Doesn't mean there aren't any, but I've never come across an inability to be any class I want, nor have I seen any indication that a class is not selectable.
  9. I don't know why, but it seems like lately (last month+), Silent1 has become overrun with medics. Many great matches have been ruined because you have what seems like on average 60%+ of a team being medics, and of course that's usually the class of choice of a lot of the really good players that frequent the server. I'd like to suggest that you take one (or both) of the following options: 1. Limit the medic class to X percentage of the team. You already limit Panzers to 1, Flamethrower to 1 and 2 or 3 MGs for soldiers, so why not limit medics too which ruin games more than any of t
  10. I like the map actually. What's a fun killer is that most of the time the server has become a medic war where 60% percent of teams are just all medic. I'm going to post a suggestion about limiting medic, just for discussion. Not expecting it to actually be adopted.
  11. Well in my previous request for it, it was said that it was removed so I figured it was a dead topic. https://et.trackbase.net/map/125
  12. In that case, Breakout! Been hoping for that for over a year now
  13. Both points are understandable. Thanks for enlightening me!
  14. I played a couple maps (small sample), but Fuel Dump was not a choice to vote for. I've seen some maps show after others and not after some. Not sure why that is?
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