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  1. Yes, thanks to the F|A staff for helping our clan.
  2. Does anyone have a reliable patch selector that they currently use and if so, where to get it. Thank you.
  3. Does anyone know how I can get a server facade for my clan? Currently we are only listed on the 2.55 master list and have put in a support ticket to our game host, but they say there is some kind of add on. We wish to have the same server listed on 2.6b as well, which means we need a server facade. Could anyone possibly help? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  4. I'm wondering if there is a fix that allows to private message to be chat logged and not just general chat?
  5. Hi all, Our clan is running the current version of Silent mod. We have crash information to report. If anyone can help we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know of a reliable source for omni-bot way points? My server is using the latest version but one map, namely beer run the bots don't work. Thank you.
  7. I've been helping a friend do all that was posted via Teamviewer, but nothing seemed to work. He reinstalled et, updated to 2.6b then ran the etkey generator. Upon connecting to my server he still had no etkey. Could someone please advise me what to do, if I've missed something? Thank you.
  8. Does anyone know why the Wolfenstein ET master list has been down for sever days and or if it will be back up online? This is the list that shows when you press "play online."
  9. No thanks. I fixed the bot disconnect issue. Now I need to find bot waypoints for each map. Is there a good website that lists ominbot waypoints?
  10. We've just update our server and the bots disconnect when we restart the server. Several trouble tickets were put into the game host we have. We have no idea why the bots just disappear the way they do. Also, we are having problems finding bot waypoints for each map. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. How or where can I find a link to download the 2.55+ patch for Wolf Et servers? I need this so that both clients of 2.55 and 2.6b can connect to my server. Thank you.
  12. XP, and the PB issue only effects me on an et pub 2.6b server. I can play on FA though..
  13. I keep getting kicked by Punkbuster for: PB Disallowed Program/Driver 120135 According to PB trouble ticket they recommended removing some programs which I do not have. This was followed by downloading a program: I tried doing that but end up getting a message: 'tasklist' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. So according to another forum I should do this: When you download that program make a temp directory under c: (say techtemp), and then drop to a command prompt, switch to your temp directory (c:\techtemp), then run your app. Its directory isn't in the PATH statement and its not in the default search path for executables, so it won't run it when its saved to My Documents. I have no idea how to direct the download, nor make a temp directory under C.

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