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  1. Fb!N!nJa

    Congress declares pizza as a vegetable?

    The pizza in my school isn't bad. Although pizza being a vegetable is a congress on LSD's idea.
  2. Fb!N!nJa

    is cod 4 still good?

    best game in the cod series imo, its wat 'started it all'
  3. Fb!N!nJa

    Can You Solve This in Less Than 30 Seconds?

    if alex didnt post the vid then i wuda juss scrolled down to read the comments after the timer was on 20 lmao
  4. Fb!N!nJa

    Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Launch Trailer

    'The most anticipated game in history' lol ok
  5. Fb!N!nJa

    Man is 'world's most pierced'

    someone needs to get laid.
  6. Fb!N!nJa

    Abnerdog AFK

    omg, how does a surgeon mess up like that? im just really upset about this right now like my heart juss felt like really heavy. just wow R.I.P Abnerdog, great addition to the clan and will continue to be one. I seriously think the homepage should have a dedication section for things like this.
  7. Fb!N!nJa

    I'm smiling really hard right now

    This is mean, you sir have cruel humor.
  8. Fb!N!nJa

    ET: Mod Mad Warfare 1.0 (ET:MWM)

    Looks really pointless, compared to ETnam this is unneeded.
  9. Fb!N!nJa

    I finally finished my new advertising!

    I really like it, best I've seen in the forums. But after you show the videos it's just too much, I had to skip a little to see if you were going to show something else. Everything else is 11/10
  10. Fb!N!nJa

    Forum section re arranged - Opinion needed.

    Make the video section infront of the spam option, it'll be seen before spam is so the author can just post the topic there.
  11. Fb!N!nJa

    Former Libyan Leader Gadhafi Killed in Sirte

    What is this, Osama took around 10 years to find and kill and now Gadhafi gets killed, seems America/NATO is getting better at hide and seek.
  12. Fb!N!nJa

    Population Nearing 7 Billion People

    Too much corruption for the new generation to witness, smh.
  13. Fb!N!nJa

    My advertising F|A community

    The song reminds me of the movie Avatar, and that is not good. Nice graphics though.
  14. Fb!N!nJa

    Ello People

    Nice to see you take in interest in a server. Welcome to the community and enjoy your stay.
  15. Fb!N!nJa

    Hi guys!

    Glad to see you find your way into the forums, enjoy the servers and the community overall.