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  1. already I triend on firefox at first my friend ,when I took that error,I installed edge(ie) and at tha last chrome but same error
  2. Hi everyone,I m not pretty sure about Bf3 and bf4 have same way about supports or errors, when I m trying to join servers it says " Unsupported browser" but also I have been tried already 3 browser and both system(32-64bit) and moved to settings and tried to exchange privacy options but still doesnt work. any1 have an idea for solution? thx for now
  3. 2rk

    FPS drop on R9270x

    İ am not pretty sure its gonna work on silent, Try: no for sync every frame and Off for Gl Extensions Gl
  4. 2rk

    FPS drop on R9270x

    Which windows do u use? Install latest Gpu Driver Uninstall et and reinstall Run as an administrator First join without cfg and alternative settings Get a new profile,use maxfps only 125 and r_primitives 2 It will be okay imo
  5. i think u can get 60 fps too easly for LoL
  6. it is good only for et but for other games its a bit impotent imo