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  1. Nancy

    Sup bro :)

    1. 2rk
    2. Nancy


      Good :) wanna play today on s1 with me? 

  2. İ never drink but in Turkey my friends/and others consuming especialy Beer and 'Turkish Rakı'(a little expensive and hard),sometimes Vodka and if they have money Visky.
  3. happy Birthday my Wicky! best wishes
  4. I was thinking buy Audi but i bought this one 3 weeks ago
  5. Happy birthday my friend,best wishes
  6. İ m sure u never heard/listened this before...İt's Turkish song,Turkish dance and Turkish wedding And Uruguay version
  7. yo 2rk'ich sup remember me i got my nickname from your nickname kurd'ich-2rk'ich :D was long time ago other servers

    1. 2rk


      ah yeah remember u,long time yea I hope all good on you ;)

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