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  1. So a few things here. 1. Commando Mode gives bots near-perfect aim (MG and Sniper in particular), and doubles their health and supply. So, in most cases, a bolt action shot to the chest of a bot will no longer be a one hit kill. 2. The player indicators are not optional, as with most of the NWI playlist stuff changing it will get you delisted. 3. The lack of indicators leads to -A LOT- of team killing, especially with the custom uniforms for all factions. ​4. I've always had better luck by increasing bot count and adjusting difficulty CVARs than using the Elite or Commando modes. ​5. I'd lik
  2. Fixed that, also created a new theater with the weapons Red asked for put back in.
  3. The writing.... They really need to get a veteran involved in writing that dialog.....
  4. tfw u fight off the communists and then go to jail for it
  5. Actually this may be due to my SSL cert on the fastdl server. Let me check it out.
  6. Or, we could stop getting our dicks twisted over who isn't "looking the part" of American, and focus on the issues we all need to look at. Tax reform is a band-aid just like the ACA was. In both cases, the parties sold out and removed the good parts of their proposals to do favors for special interest so they could get the votes. The sooner people realize this government is not acting in the interest of the people, regardless of "party", the sooner we can start really fixing things. Everyone in this country is getting smashed between the twin millstones of taxation and inflation. The dollar i
  7. New configs are up, I have a thread in the DoI game forum with the changes ( https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/91059-doi-server-1-changes/?do=findComment&comment=788661 ). Please head over, let me know what you guys think.
  8. http://jballou.com/insurgency/stats.php A tool I made a long time ago, it directly reads the game files to generate a stats view. The interface isn't great, but if you ever wondered how much damage the M16 with AP will do at 88 meters against a guy in light armor, now you can find out. Also works for Day of Infamy.
  9. Great guide, we should work to get more of these going. One thing these two items aren't correct: Hipfiring with the shotguns will sightly decrease the shotgun damage. While also silencing the noise of the shotgun, The Suppressor also decreases the shotgun damage. There is no damage modifier for hipfire or suppressors, although hipfiring usually means some of the pellets won't strike the enemy as precisely as aimed fire.
  10. It's Day of Infamy. We don't have tactical comms
  11. In-depth guide for how the grenades work, lots of charts and explanations of things most people won't know. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1200681541 Performance and FPS tweaks: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835323831 Entrenchment Guide (general theory and a few map-specific tips worth reading): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1106855926
  12. So I am going to start doing some basic movement and mechanics training on the server this coming week. It will need to be sometime between 1200-1800 EST on a weekday. We usually have a good crew around 1400 EST, I'm thinking that would be a good time to get people on. Let me know what you guys think, I'll post up a poll or event once we have the times worked out.
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