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  1. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    looks good for me
  2. sorry for a late reply, but its a bit changed in theme What is the signature about? maybe a mix of chelsea(logo or something with azpilicueta) and ET The size of the signature in pixels? a bit under max size, im not that good with sizes The colour combination you prefer? Chelsea blue and like dark colors, black grey etc The text you want on the signature? My name plus clantags Anything signature maker should avoid? not much
  3. Website Happy New Year - 2018

    Happy new year and best wishes to all
  4. Other Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays
  5. Donate 5 dollars 0C95082605352650W confermation number
  6. ill look at all entries, quite busy atm so just a short reply, sorry for that
  7. Hey people, I would Like to Request a new signature with my name and clantags, with allied medics on it, the rest is up to imagination, With regards, SirDutch
  8. could you make it 2048 pixels x 1152 pixels?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlGz9X7wltc6lZi4goeFQQ or a example of a stream layout?