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  1. Hello Everyone, It's been awhile since I've been around, life has dealt me an interesting hand this last year. From cancer, hospitals, drug addiction, probation violation, jail, inpatient rehabilitation. This is all in the last 11 months. So currently I'm glad to announce though I'm cancer free for 6 months now, drug free 75 days, and no more jail. So with that being said I'm in the midst of selling my house/acreage and I'm residing at my parents place for awhile (terms of my release from jail). Of course they don't have internet so no ET currently which I'm in dire need of, going through withdrawals from ET that is. So I'm messaging you all from my phone which is so gay when trying to type a long heart felt message to my gaming peeps. So with that I'll wrap it up, look for me in the next month or two to be back on the servers!!! Miss you all!! Sincerely, Vetter PS - Vetter is better
  2. Just wanted to share with everyone what I'm going through. Feb. 2nd woke up with pain in my testicle, went to Doctor had ultrasound, discovered mass, referred to urologist Feb 8th met with urologist Feb 9th radical inguinal orchiectomy surgery Following week lab results confirmed Embryonal Carcinoma Testicular Cancer Feb 27th CT Scans Mar 8th results, cancer has spread to lymph nodes, referred to oncologist at June E. Nylen cancer center Mar 12th met with oncologist, set up plan for chemotherapy Mar 19th will be getting a port put in and doing full body PET/CT scan This cancer type is very treatable with chemotherapy and it hasn't spread to any organs yet. Will undergo three sessions of chemotherapy starting in the next week or two. Will post updates as they happen.
  3. still would like to see GLIDER
  4. Oh my goodness is HIPKAT complaining again? come one come all see the HIPKAT at it again!
  5. thanks for the generous donation.

  6. $200 donation, been really busy as of lately, haven't been able to get on the server but I have been making some good money... See you all soon 1YU258127E733313J
  7. 200$ from me, didn't pay attention to confirmation number but when you get 200 its from me
  8. As I go along I add things and change things in my config and realized some of my commands weren't always sticking or old ones would load in place, so I just made my config into autoexec and everything was peachy, I added something the other day and moved a bind now my config keeps the one bind for both keys and my new bind isnt binded. You follow ? How do I fix this ?
  9. i went from 60hz old school monitor to a 144mhz monitor, 24 in, and my accuracy jumped up 8% single best investment i made in my computer!
  10. OMG, minimizer just quit working all of a sudden, when I run the test to test key function it turns box red to green to red just fine but doesnt minimize game anymore.. What gives, what the heck... i used that function like daily since this post and now it just stopped working.. I havent messed with anything that i can recall.. thoughts ?
  11. congratulations to everyone, all very deserving of promotions!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to =F|A=!!
  12. working last 21 days in a row is getting kinda old

    1. boki


      what sh1t is this? why don't you have a free day during the week?

  13. There are still things you can do to improve your game, but its hard to polish a turd if you get what im saying, do what everyone posted above it will help, and maybe look into upgrading your computer sometime!! Good Luck! VETTER

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