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  1. you really do suck tho I'm removing you as my friend jackass

  2. Haha "Inactive Member", you suck.

  3. You are disgusting and also, you suck

  4. Happy Birthday FA! (and Syroox) I'll be there to celebrate
  5. Well Leicester have ended up with just about the best group they could have hoped for! Will be interesting to see how they get on this season.
  6. A few photos of the scenery from my trip to India - apologies for the bad camera/photos! https://postimg.org/image/shjfrewbx/ https://postimg.org/image/ilicrrqjx/ https://postimg.org/image/rht4vph65/ https://postimg.org/image/ksmlfovu5/ https://postimg.org/image/b9cwm88bx/
  7. Well how could you not have fun with such a fine bunch of folks!
  8. Glad I made it on for at least a bit, but my connection was too bad to really play Hope you all had fun!
  9. Should be back home in time for some evening fun on Saturday! I might fall asleep though
  10. Haha, well I wouldn't go that far! You're making an assumption on which one's me though
  11. Outside Mysore Palace in India; it's just a little bit OTT!
  12. Who invented Time-zones anyway? zzzzzzzz

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    2. J o N

      J o N

      The world should revolve around what I want Duru, come on man

    3. J o N

      J o N

      or not revolve in this case!

    4. namechangeguy123


      True, you are the main character of the universe after all!


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