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  1. not sure if this can interfer,...but I can play ET with 2.55 with less lag then 2.60b. ôô
  2. Hi Guys,... one of my favouryte map is GOLDENDUNK. it is an unusual map,..but very fun
  3. found it !! Thanks well,..found it before reading your posts.... haha sorry guys
  4. Hi Guys,..I always play on Silent server....not just because cause it work well but lso love the players however.....I would like to give a try to other server...but I can'T... Maybe someone know why I'm getting always this.... ? Thank you.
  5. Hi,..thank you,.. I don't have access to the link you provide.....
  6. Hi guys,..few years I play ET now,.. not often here I had to admit.. but still love playing with you Question: Can I do an official demand to be an FA member ? the fact is,..I don't relly know all code on ET,..I just love to play.. but often,..there is no FA admin,...and people do not follow rules.. so I feel alone...a bit. If so,.. please redirect me to the procedures,...thank you. Angie xx
  7. Hi Red,.. thanks for your feedback.. but the installation folder still the same since I play ET. D:\Games\ET\.... and I've full control of it. more over I've tried to run ET by right click and use RUN AS ADMIN. but still have same issue.
  8. Hi people,.. since now few weeks,.. each time I login and play ET my settings always reset. including resolution. can anyone had similar thing or can share any solution please ? thank you.
  9. Finally,.. I had to reset my rooter settings.. weird thing..
  10. I've flushed ET completely...and restart from scratch. but same issue..
  11. it seem that it is Punkbuster error..
  12. Hi Guys,.. since today,..I can't join any server.. always say that "AWAITING GAMESTATE"...then,..nothing.. So I've downloaded a fresh new installation and start over. but,...same issue... I restart my machine.. reset my punkbuster.. try many others things....but I can't solve this issue.. any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi all,.. since yesterday,..I cannot use ET Starter Pro anymore.. (see screenshot) so I've downloaded the last msi file and reinstall it from FA site. but,...got same error message.. I've full admin acces to the folder installation.. anyone can help me with this ? Thanks.
  14. Hi all,..these are 2 of my longest panzer kill.. who can beat me ? also,..I would like to suggest an option to calculate kill distance,.. this will be cool I thing....(just curious) Thanks demos.zip
  15. hi all, anyone know how we can convert demo into avi or MP4 or any video file format ? or,.. anyone know how to post dm_82 file here ? Thank you.

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