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  1. Hi Red,.. thanks for your feedback.. but the installation folder still the same since I play ET. D:\Games\ET\.... and I've full control of it. more over I've tried to run ET by right click and use RUN AS ADMIN. but still have same issue.
  2. Hi people,.. since now few weeks,.. each time I login and play ET my settings always reset. including resolution. can anyone had similar thing or can share any solution please ? thank you.
  3. Finally,.. I had to reset my rooter settings.. weird thing..
  4. I've flushed ET completely...and restart from scratch. but same issue..
  5. it seem that it is Punkbuster error..
  6. Hi Guys,.. since today,..I can't join any server.. always say that "AWAITING GAMESTATE"...then,..nothing.. So I've downloaded a fresh new installation and start over. but,...same issue... I restart my machine.. reset my punkbuster.. try many others things....but I can't solve this issue.. any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi all,.. since yesterday,..I cannot use ET Starter Pro anymore.. (see screenshot) so I've downloaded the last msi file and reinstall it from FA site. but,...got same error message.. I've full admin acces to the folder installation.. anyone can help me with this ? Thanks.
  8. Hi all,..these are 2 of my longest panzer kill.. who can beat me ? also,..I would like to suggest an option to calculate kill distance,.. this will be cool I thing....(just curious) Thanks demos.zip
  9. hi all, anyone know how we can convert demo into avi or MP4 or any video file format ? or,.. anyone know how to post dm_82 file here ? Thank you.
  10. Hi all,... I had some issue to connect to this forum,...and had to remake my activation.. so please accept my appologies being silencious.. Just let you know,....I'm actually banned,..cause of name tag. but this is another issue I have,....each time I join to the game, my TAG reapper.... So I don't know if i'm banned forever,....but just want to tell you all,.. that It was awesome to play with all of you guys,.. My new name will be TopyGirl if you see it dont be shy to say hello Be well xxx Angie.
  11. well ,..the server who I played, have diffrent settings... kicking dyno when is near the objective allow players to know that the Dyno is there.. so maybe we can add this feature is 1 map for test ? like dbljump on the only map allowed ? The fun is,....that when the Dyno is planted....all players know that there is someone trying to kick it or trying disarm it... so the play game still the same....except that is more fun. (personal opinion). Kicking door also allow to enjoy the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2AsYtV6O5I
  12. Hey guys,.. hope you're going all well how about adding kick option ? few days ago I've talked about that..but don't know where the post is actually..:\ so... Kicking option to allow player to move Dynamite....so when there is no engineer..player can move dynamite by kicking it.. I saw this on another server,..who was very great and funny thing...the dyno move like 1 feet on each kick...so you see all players trying to kick this dyno away from objective...allowing all other player to shoot them moreover,..kick allow to open all door very quick !...and auto-kill player by crushing them with the door.. haha.. this feature was very funny and cool. opinion ?
  13. Hi all,.. I didn't know about that recently...but someone give me this hint that I would like to share. When recording a video....the extension of the file is *.dm.82 so this file can't be read to normal video player..like VLC or Media Player etc... cause in fact these kind of file are crypted files who contain coordinates points allowing ET to use it and run. that is why they are few kb only. So to open these files..you can open ET and at the MAIN menu....select REPLAYS button. All dm.82 file must be in your ET installation folder under ...(ET installation folder)\silent\demos\*.dm.82 I've bind F10 key to record...by changing the etconfig.cfg file in my ET installation folder. bind F10 "autorecord" or you can do it via the ET menus... >Options>Controls>Miscellaneous I hope this will be useful for someone. cheers xx replay.bmp autorecord.bmp

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