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  1. I like it simple: -Radar -Fuel Dump -Goldrush -Seawall Battery -Siwa Oasis -Railgun -Caen (1,2,x,...) -Adlernest -Frostbite -Braundorf -Supply Depot -Special Delivery -TC Base I think that covers the essentials. Depending on server size and population possible adds would be: -Password -Decay
  2. lolx I'm on page 2 😁

  3. Yeah, the forum where I originally posted said the same thing about the processors. Which is sad, because i7 is kind of nice even to this day. Some lad mentioned that the RAMs are interchangeable if I tweaked the bios, but we both came to the conclusion that the gain would be so small that it's not worth the hassle. Clearly the lenovo's OS doesn't eat up as much so the gain would be less than 2gb.
  4. I think those have already been posted =o
  5. I last saw him a good few months ago on HC.
  6. You sound as hopeless as F|A Smiley. Welcome to the forum. I'm your local clown. If you need someone to insult, I volunteer. Please find me at your convenience in F|A Hardcore, mod: Silent, game: ET. Rik
  7. Following: -Westworld -House of Cards -Game of Thrones -Suits -Star Trek: Discovery With far less priority: -Lie to Me -Black Mirror Finished: -Spartacus -Star Trek: Voyager -":The Next Generation -":Deep Space Nine -":The Original Series -Law & Order (The one with Sam Waterston, the most awesome L&O cast member of all time) Probably incomplete but I suck at remembering shows.
  8. Books that I still remember very clearly are these: To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee) The curious incident with the dog in the night-time (Mark Haddon) Angel Maker (Stefan Brijs) though this is pretty difficult material to get through lol My next read(s) are: -Sherlock Holmes (all volumes) -The Blind Watchmaker
  9. Red Sparrow 6/10. Your regular I-have-nothing-to-do-and-nothing-on-my-watchlist kind of movie.
  10. Flible

    5 best live

    His live version of this song was so good that a non-live version was never released is how authentic this man is ._.

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