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  1. This sounds like something I would have enjoyed long ago, but I'm not much of a match anymore for most people
  2. Probably skip the beaming, but not-so-tangible holodecks should be feasible enough I guess. Wouldn't mind an EMH for little ol' me, the man's got a sense of humour.
  3. Don't worry, perhaps teleportation is not so much an option but there's always other Star Trek kinds of transport that we might look into!
  4. Exam time! Thumbs up =o

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    2. Vindstot


      I also had a course that was easy, the prof even said that he gave points even if our answer just remotely got close to the expected one. (Though the majority of questions was MCQ.) The classes were from 8am (so wake up at 5am), but the prof was good, so I attended those and I dont regret it. Also because I decided to attend this whole stuff; so doing the opposite (aka not going to classes) is just not for me :P also the classes were useful.

    3. Flible


      Same, same. I missed 1 class so far in my two semesters and I still feel bad about it. I forgot to change the time of my alarm :(.

    4. Vindstot


      I missed classes only in this cases: I had to take up courses so I had to reserve a computer in the library. I prepared for another class. I had pneumonia. Even with 38°C I went to school (well, had to since on every monday I caught a cold by playing in the -3°C football, because PE is so damn necessary....)

  5. I guess the best mod now is... TJmod! haha
  6. I liked True Combat:Elite, but it tires after a few weeks.
  7. Tbh you have the facial features to look very awesome if you experimented a little with looks
  8. I'm always game for objective orientated etpro matches, but I usually find out after the deed myself. Any chance someone is willing to just PM me a day or two before a match happens, if there is a slot free for the match? And to add, I feel there would be so very much more population for this if one of the three existent silent servers were to close down (i.e. close down the silent 1 without FF to populate HC, and most HC players might move to ETPro if that proves more active). A little radical, but I'm all for ETPro :P!
  9. I'd be very happy to see a copy of the Retro TJ server (which is ETPro). Will settle for etjump if necessary
  10. Hello, I find myself in line with Destiny's response. If anything, the spawn times should be increased. It is customary for allies to spawn further away than axis (when allies is the attacking team). A larger spawn time will require greater coordination for a successful push. Furthermore, it will provide for a bigger window of opportunity once a few axis have been killed. With lower spawn times an attacking team will only ever win if they have the dominating level of skills in the team, because you would have to cope with a continuous stream of spawning opponents rather than clear them in a single go to provide a window of opportunity. There aren't many maps around where axis attacks and the map isn't just silly. Suggestions are welcome in the appropriate thread, I suppose. I wouldn't mind removing goldrush, though. Some people vote for goldrush when they are on axis and know there won't be an autoshuffle next map (because current map had one). These are PRW junkies and I think this should be discouraged by taking away surewin maps for some teams On hardcore, if one considers trickjumps and trickplanting glitches, they are already allowed. Rush is discouraged but not prohibited. Any map glitches that puts you out of reach of enemy guns are prohibited and I am not sure why you would want these glitches to be allowed.. Null opinion on the other points you make.
  11. My mum's cat is like that! Everybody runs away freakishly because he claws but he doesn't really claw to hurt. I could play with him for 20 minutes (and my hand would bleed all right) but as soon as I say anything close to "Ouch", even fake, he'll freeze his paws and nails, look up for 3 seconds and slowly back out his paws ^^ Also bites when you try to pet him, my mum calls it "lovebites". Doesn't hurt but it feels weird. Like having wet sandpaper go over your skin.
  12. I have seen some FA members argue that the name ETPlayer is no longer illegal and/or punishable, and other members would still opt for these players to have their names changed. What is FA's current policy with respect to the names ETPlayer and UnnamedPlayer? Thanks!

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    2. TurtleMan


      Most of the admins on the Silent servers don't have rename, so mentioning it wouldn't do much good. Only Recruiter (level 17) or higher has rename.

    3. Flible


      Ah, that does explain some I guess

    4. Vindstot


      16+ have rename. so if none available just ask them to rename, but ETPlayer is not rly a punishable name

  13. Hi, Hardcore is often underpopulated in terms of an allseeing eye. It may help with team balancing if applicant levels (and perhaps VIPs, I don't know their command list) are equipped with !putteam and/or !teams. I argue that it is silly to have these commands in Jaymod, while the admin population in Jaymod is far greater than in Silent, and not have the command in Silent. It's one of the commands I often find missing in the occasional unwillingness by people to switch on request. Usually it helps to directly ask someone rather than a general message (bystander effect), but it happens that even when PM'd nobody bothers to take action. In this situation, putteam would be a particularly useful command to have. Flible
  14. Jaymod? Tsk. Come to silent, where the real fun is. Gratz to both. Allow me to steal your hats now that they have the emblem of co-leader.
  15. I trickjumped! For the first time in years =O Good to know I can still complete xtremetricks gamma's :D


    1. Neuro


      What kinda trickjump was it???

    2. Flible


      xtremetricks is a gammajump comparable to MakeMeJump_b3's level of difficulty. I would say that Criclejump is the prequisite to have the right order of gamma technique for xtremetricks.