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  1. nadziu


    Hi guys, This comes up on the screen once I try to open ET. Just to let you know it happened this afternoon when I reinstalled ET. Issue: ''ET 2.60b win-x86 May 8 2006 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: D:\Games\ET\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\minimizer/etmain ---------------------- 0 files in pk3 files ----- CL_Shutdown ----- ----------------------- Couldn't load default.cfg - I am missing essential files - verify your installation? ''
  2. I agree, very good initiative
  3. Hi all! I came up with the idea of creating a tournament for people from all the servers. A match would include one map and a winner would climb on a ladder to the final. People would be chosen randomly but it requires some time to prepare everything. I think that people would like it guys
  4. Does anyone have any demos that were done in the past week while I was playing? I need as an evidence of my exp points. Please let me know asap

    1. Kurdich


      Okay its time for me to check it. dont worry i have some demos maybe u are in idk

    2. Kurdich


      btw its based on GameTracker all ?

  5. Has any admin from HC or Silent mode server made any screenshots while I have been play? I just need to confirm my exp points I had, before I reinstalled ET..

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    2. nadziu


      I think that an alternative proof could be that you could check the records of my activity from the servers which would show that I had certain amount of exp points


    3. Kurdich


      Nadziu dont worry i wil try to check my all Demo's maybe i wil get you in one demo. :)

    4. nadziu


      That would be great my friend! :)

  6. As I said, I reinstalled ET and it helped. Many thanks to all of you guys for help. Problem solved. Guide is updated! Have a nice evening!
  7. I'll try to reinstall ET and we'll see what happen
  8. I did it, everything was OK besides firewall I think which was NO.
  9. nah , don't know what happened with it..
  10. well.. yes I used that when I tried to install ET after 5 years of break. I also had a combined one.
  11. Yes I used both links mate. There are around 12 game on the list and cannot find ET
  12. I downloaded pbsetup , however there was no ET on the game list
  13. Yeah I used a combined setup et with pb mate
  14. Hi all, I have met an obstacle when I had tried to update my guide. I have written down all the commends required to update my guide, however nothing happened as my punkbuster haven't been enabled. Therefore I have kept pressing punkbuster button but nothing has changed. Afterwards, I have been told to try with the commends such as (/pb_cl_enable in console and do /pb_ver to check punkbuster status) but it hasn't worked neither... Does anyone know how to fix it?? Thanks, nadziu
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