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  1. listening to this now, seems to be good, just on the 5th Min, again deep shit. Please share if yall have good tripping music <3 #Music&DrugsForever
  2. Thank you for sharing bro, well I'm more in to hyper drugs. I have tried acid and ketamine but prefer coke and MDMA forms. Mostly Coke For me Music is kinda of challenge, how it breaks the way my mind predicts whats the next second beat would be, and trip me
  3. Hi all <3 whose in to Tech House/ Deep Tech/ Dark Techno/ Dark Progressive? i have been looking for my genre for years, still couldn't find it . any good music on these genres? please feel free to share Listening to following now:
  4. Sober Counter: 5 Days and counting

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    2. (FORCE)


      Yeah, you can do it! Keep it up bro! :>

    3. Goja


      Thanks boys <3

    4. Pepperonipizza


      Congrats! Keep it up!

  5. Slowly stepping in to reality

    1. null
    2. RedAngel


      Step away from reality, with reality comes big responsibilties

    3. Goja


      I had to Red, i messed up :)

  6. Anyone on Windows 10??? My FPS is messed up

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    2. captnconcrete


      have u messed with /r_primatives?

    3. Goja


      Thanks guys, Setting this to /r_primatives = 2 fixed the problem. It was set to 0, but windows 7 gave no issues with /r_primatives = 0

    4. Symfony


      yes, windows 10 has some weird graphic issues unfortunately


  7. Cocaine? What's in your mind?

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    2. Dest!Ny
    3. Sonofdoc


      I think Cheepheep is in love with you :D

    4. Goja


      hahahahaha, I'm in love with a chicken <3

  8. Goja

    Who Are You?

    That's tripping man!
  9. Goja

    Who Are You?

    I think i read following incorrectly. SHIT!!! sounds so bad. Hahahahahaah Should be changed as following: "What makes you very unhappy?: People judging me by the habits or making statements without knowing what im going through " "What makes you very happy?: Having good times with friends, making Parents happy"
  10. "Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong" - A.H

  11. No bro, i cant remember whether i played there at all , i started off with Silent, then fell in love with Hardcore
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome guys
  13. Hahahahaha, yeah finally made it. Thanks for the support buddy Thanks Bro

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