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  1. ohh i missed that post, i will ready it now
  2. hi to all!i am here to share what i learned about the windows paging file and the reason to disable it if you have a SSD. Paging file is a dedicated area of the hard disk used by windows if you finish the free RAM, so the OS will continuosly use the HD in that case, the problem is that windows use the paging file even if the RAM isn't full, the consequences is the reduced lifetime of the SSD. my advice is to disable it if you have at least 8Gb of ram!
  3. me too, but new programs like android study or unity doesnt work properly on xp
  4. Wxp is wonderfull, i have used it for 12 years, now i am using a new pc with w7 and really feel the miss of xp, perhaps we dont have anymore compatibilty with new programs, that's the only reason to change it
  5. i just have finish to make my pc this weekend! OS W7 I5 quad core 4670 (no overclock) Kingston 120GB ssd sataIII 2 X 1TB Western digital HDD sataIII Asus B85 Pro gamer motherboard 2 X 8GB DDR3 kingston fury ram B700 cooler master power supply GeForce 750TI with 4GB ram GD5 Vultech keyboard and mouse
  6. my nickname comes from an old cartoon that were on TV, it is called daltanius and i really loved it! klopen is the name of the villain, which actually turns out to be good, I like to think that people can improve and be better that the reason of the nick !
  7. it looks interesting!the remote control car seems to be interesting!in what sector are you working now?
  8. hi to all!i am new here and i saw there is a lot of people in this server, so it's sure there are a lot of arduino coder's like me, don't be shy and show yourself !it would be great if we talk about industrial or domotics applications with this fantastic platform!we can also share ideas and interesting projects!like i said before, show yourself !
  9. i am so sad for this situation, it's seems that would pass very much time to see a resolution for this problem, it's really so unfair and sad
  10. Klopen

    hi :)!

    hahaha but you will read the worst english mistakes ever
  11. Klopen

    hi :)!

    thank you all, that was a nice welcome !
  12. Klopen

    hi :)!

    hi to all!i have play on this server for a while and I like it immediatly, so i want to introduce myself!my name is Francisco, i born in Argentina and my parents are italian and i actually live in italy, be patient cause my english is very bad ! Real Life! First name: francisco Any sort of Nickname?: pancho Age: 26 What country are you from?:italy Are you a Parent?:not yet but soon ! How many siblings do you have?: one sister What do you do for a living?: i am a teacher at high school Greatest Fear?: die alone First thing you look for in a new friend?: sincerity and honesty Farthest you've been from home?: here! What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?:nice people and nice players Cat or Dog?: dog, forever What are your hobbies?: eletronics and coding What kind of Sports do you like?: muay boran and cycling alone in the woods What's your favorite color?: red How about your favorite type of music?: i really like power metal Favorite Song?: rime of the ancient mariner What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): all kind of science fiction Favorite Movie?: lotr Favorite Book?: la coscienza di zeno What do you like most about yourself?: my beauty hahaha What do you hate most about yourself?: i sleep too much What makes you very happy?: my girlfriend What makes you very sad?: indifference and intolerance What's your favorite beverage?: limoncello What you're favorite food/snack?: hamburger and french fries Favorite actor/Actress?: angelna jolie If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Santo Domingo! What are your top three games of all time?: ET, tomb raider and empire earth Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: strategy Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: moto racer 3, i will throw it out of the window How many games do you own?: 3 Do you play console?: never, i love my old good mouse What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): http://www.electroyou.it/ i'm glad to be part of this community, thank you all!

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