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  1. An Introduction

    welcome to our forums enjoy your stay..
  2. Which crosshair do you use?

    //-----------------------------------// // crosshair / //-----------------------------------//
  3. What are you drinking right now?

    RedBull Energy Drink!!!
  4. hi

    Welcome to the forums bro
  5. Hi All, Munchin McCoy here

    welcome to fa forums
  6. Other Congratz to our new Co leader !

    United Blood You are the best ! congratz coleader
  7. Whats up everyone!

    Hey mate welcome back
  8. ETPro - Jaymod Teams - Invitational event

    I can play to if someone is preparing a team. wanna beat snatix
  9. ET Server Suggestion FA dosent have sniper server

    Not bad idea tho i wanna snipe cheepheep in the server .
  10. Pic of the Day (CheepHeep special) 03.10.17

    lol these chickens are proud of you you making them famous i hated them but now i love them
  11. Hi, I'm n3g4n...

    Hello negan from twd nice to see you enjoying forum enjoy your stay
  12. Its true decay is very good map! dont remove it please gj dyna
  13. Pic of the Day 22.09.17

    lmaoo XDD the last one made my day :D