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  1. Phoenix :P

    Haha you should look on youtube it are some good dj's
  2. Phoenix :P

    nice line-up you got there
  3. Two Truths and a Lie

    Number 3 ? Xd 1. I just bought a new game pc but still i lagg so i destroyed my screen ? 2. I will get married within 2 months ? 3. When i wake up in 5hours im still drunk:p
  4. http://i67.tinypic.com/rh670h.jpg Something like what i had earlier but than New one with the name Fragbastard Hope this wil help
  5. The traditional one looks very nice But would be better with a sniperchick:P
  6. me

    beautifull pic:)
  7. Footbal :)

  8. me:)

  9. nah i like a sniperchick holding a sniper and than in the corner the name Fragbastard not to big i dont know anything about making one so if someone could help me out plz
  10. What was the last TV-series you watched?

    Walking dead , spartacus , Prison break every single one is nice
  11. Thank you F|A

    Haha tnx hodor
  12. Thank you F|A

    Haha sorry phoenix some times it happens But i will watch my steps