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  1. Hey guys ! I just logged in, to write on this topic, hehe If I could, i would love to play old, regular map on our server: Radar, Railgun (i know, maybe too small) are awesome. Of course, we can put North Pole also thanks, cheers edit: xmas incoming, maybe north pole gives for us xmas atmosphere now ? edit 2 : http://activegamer.net/et/map/579-North_Pole_(Final).html - north pole http://activegamer.net/et/map/15-Radar_Summer.html - radar summer http://activegamer.net/et/map/608-Railgun_EU_(Beta_2).html - railgun (its a mode from original raigun, found link to only this one) edit 3 : OH, also : oasis is superultrahard for allies... I never saw allies winning this map (if allies win oasis, shuffle is more than recommended) - we need to remove this one i think
  2. radar railgun marketgarden (-yeah, i know too much laggy and not for that number of players )
  3. i would love to play again marketgarden and radar / railgun nowadays again ( back 2 the oldschool )

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