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  1. $25.00 91A03266PP9999249
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Got Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey. All 3 are great. BOTW and Odyssey were the 2 best single player games released on any system this year. Highly recommend them.
  3. Other Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

    It's on my Black Friday shopping list, since it'll probably be close to half price by then. I loved New Order though, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. It got great reviews too. I wouldn't be worried about it not being good.
  4. Can we test removing baserace? And I don't think the original Goldrush really needs testing, it just needs to replace TE on Silent 1. There's a few maps I remember from way back in the day that were cool but to be honest I don't remember the names of any of them. But I'm definitely down to test out some new maps. As of now I think I'd be available any of those days. And Discord is relatively new program. It's basically like Skype and Teamspeak combined. We have a channel for F|A already. I recommend it.
  5. Hello from the box!

    A name I see quite often on servers. Welcome aboard.
  6. Server with no panzer

    I'd prefer a server with 5 panzers per team and heat seeking missiles.
  7. You would need a lot of money. Good luck.
  8. Suggestion about adrenaline server jay2

    I like the way Silent servers handle adrenaline. You have it, but can only give it to other players, not to yourself. It promotes teamwork.
  9. Admins

    I also think a problem is that people are a slave to the numbers sometimes. If you're playing a map like Seawall Battery for example, and allies are getting to the gun controls with ease and are able to drop plants, it doesn't matter if you're on axis and there's 2 extra players on your team. It doesn't matter that !howfair says UNEVEN - 3.20 Axis. Sometimes you need to take off your mathematician hat and actually pay attention to what's going on in the game you're playing instead of just making your decision based off looking at a number. This is an all too common problem that even some admins are guilty of.
  10. Hobbie before/after WOLFENSTEIN ET :D

    Used to play poker a lot. Still follow sports somewhat. But my biggest hobby has always been videogames. Got an NES at 2 years old and never looked back. Have every major system ever released except Xbox systems. I play all kind of games. Most games I play are actually nothing like ET.
  11. Hi! :)

    Glad to see you made it on here. Welcome aboard.
  12. Insurgency FA Insurgency changes

    I bought this a couple days ago and am enjoying it. I was worried it would just be a worse version of ET but I like that it has different modes other than just the normal PVP/team vs. team stuff. The coop stuff is pretty cool. It's certainly worth the $1.50 to anyone who hasn't tried it yet.

    I dunno. $1.49? That's almost two dollars!
  14. Enable adrenaline in NQ1 server

    I like the way Silent 1 handles adrenaline. Medics have it, but can only give it to other people. It encourages teamwork, and ET is a team game. Now if only more people on there actually knew they had this ability lol
  15. Hello FA, I´m Believe from silent server!

    I recognize you. Welcome aboard.