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  1. Raw64life

    ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    rockeyes is busted. Just downloads over and over without ever loading the map. Confirmed it's the same for everyone else. Wipes out the server.
  2. Was definitely fun to play some old maps and play on Nitmod which I basically never see otherwise.
  3. lol Actually found the answer in my old application screenshot form 2016.
  4. Somebody help me out. There were 2 guys that played on Silent 1 forever and always played together. One of them was Halen. What was the other guy's name?
  5. What's Pink and Wink been up to lately?
  6. Seems to have done the trick! At least on the map test. Haven't actually tried it on HC yet. But promising. Thanks!
  7. Tried it and still get the error. Although the number is different now. Used to be "Hunk_Alloc failed on 63904" now its "Hunk_Alloc failed on 2946368"
  8. Raw64life

    ET Server Suggestion Rush Rule Clarity - Silent #1

    A hard 5 minute rule would be a little silly I think for shorter maps like Beerrun or Erdenberg. Those maps are only 12 minutes long and sometimes the team's best shot occurs within those first 5 minutes. If you're forced to wait for axis to regroup you might not get another shot.
  9. Seems to identify the problem. Not sure what it means other than it's not working tbh I also manually added seta com_hunkmegs "256" but it appears to erase it whenever I start ET. But glad to hear the issue is being worked on.
  10. Well instead of going from "Awaiting Gamestate" directly to the error message, 128 hunks at least shows me the name of the map and the loading bar before giving me the error lol I'll tinker with it some more later and see if I can get lucky.
  11. Just tried it to no avail. Replaced "silent1.clan-fa.com:27960" with "hc.clan-fa.com:27960" since it's the hardcore server. It tried to connect to HC right away so I know I copied and pasted into the right place. But I got the same exact error. Maybe I'm just not meant to play this map lol Edit: I tried connecting again, and while decay was already over, it wouldn't load the next map either (no error message though, just stuck on the map loading screen). So I changed the hunks to 128 and then it loaded. Maybe I'll try it with 128 next time it comes back around.
  12. Was able to get on this morning and tried that and got the same error. Nothing seems to work. Tried 128, 192, 196, 256, 512. Did each one with /set and without and it made no difference. Each time it tells me it will change upon restarting. I restart ET, log on to HC and get the same exact error. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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