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  1. Fuakma

    Hello u

    Hello Kulo an welcome to the forums.
  2. Yes i should of just said i right clicked an unchecked Auto-arrange icons. I installed some program to change Desktop theme (didn't like it) uninstalled it an poof icons wouldn't move in diff areas. I installed a diff program an i like it for now.
  3. Never mind Fixed it. Delete post please
  4. I cannot move my desktop icons to other side of screen or around they just relocate to bottom/in one area. This here is whats happening from another person an same as for me. When you try to move an icon, it moves to the upper left corner. If "align icons to grid" is selected, all the icons will be displace down. If neither "align icons to grid" nor "autoarrange icons" is selected, then all the icons you try to move will "pile up" in the upper left corner of the screen I know its a problem in registry but i do not know how to change them back to normal. Anyone have win 7 pro? and can help me change it back to normal. i was told its in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics But which ones to change.
  5. Sup NoOB Welcome to forums an glad to play against/with ya on server.
  6. Changed name to MikroFlik dunno why but did
  7. oops forgot to say this is how my name is pronounced Fu ak ma
  8. I'll give it a try. downloading now. and my name is well my Wolf ET name FuakmA
  9. Fuakma hmm idk why i chose that name. Just i like how it looks Fuak ma or just how it is Fuakma which means F*** u all kiss my a**
  10. Last movie i watched was The Abandoned (2016) movie.
  11. Lol so that's how i can remember a chicks name. Thanks now i won't forget again
  12. Fuakma

    Hello all!

    Hi Julian an welcome to the forums
  13. Wow just one hmm i guess i would have to say Slipknot.
  14. I don't see all the hubbub about that game. all i see is a bunch of idiots walking around staring at their phones not paying attention whats around them. Near where i live two people fell into the river (they lived) and got swept away and lost their phones. Some people say it was the government that created the game so they could sneak into their homes and hide cameras an stuff or keep track of where they go all the time LOL stupid. I never liked that show,card game crap and i don't like the app game. But everyone has their fav game app.

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