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  1. I'm leaving

    Hi everyone, here's =F|A=Monsta, regular of F|A RECRUITING XP SAVE, I would like to tell that i'm leaving clan, i'm just unsatisfied of being member of F|A. Hope that u'll understand , thanks and see you in game. GreetingZ monsta...
  2. Happy new year

    Happy new year boyz !! much happy, money, girls and all u want!! GreetingZ monsta...
  3. Favorite Class and weapons

    Deffinetly Engineer + rifle grenade (K43+Garand)
  4. my favorite food

    Pasta? :>
  5. who better in Spanish football??

    Barcelona !!
  6. Adamek - Kliczko who win??

    TOMASZ ADAMEK !!!!!!!!! gogo Poland:) gogogo Adamek!
  7. American woman wants to become the fattest woman

    Jesus Christ, what the hell?
  8. xbox what games do you play?

    World of Warcraft Battlefield bad Company 2 Call od Duty 2,4,5 Ofc WolfET Trackmania nations Forever
  9. Euro 2012

    Cool, i live near Gdańsk, in Monday i'll be on match lechia Gdańsk vs. Widzew so i'll see this beauty haha
  10. Happy B-Day $kullcollector

    Happy B-Day bro
  11. hello everybody!

  12. What do you do while you play ET?

    Listen music, sometimes eat dinner or breakfast :>
  13. Wazzzzaa

    Hey fellas. My name's Maciej and i came from Poland. I'm 16 years old. I've been playing F|A serwers for years. Earlier i've applied 2 times but got deined because of my age. I hope now i'll success and enjoy my time with other members!