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  1. insurgency help Day of Infamy

    it looks good didn't know there was a beta right now mat have to look into it
  2. What sports do you do?

    welcome to canada lol im sure you will find a tae kwon do club there
  3. HEY ALL

    hey all sorry i have been away betwwen my old job then a 12 day vacation which ended sunday and monday jumped in to a new job life has been crazy hectic lately luv you all

    I probably should be getting the rest of my stuff together for my trip in which i leave 5am thursday but i an drawn to my laptop to come play cod or insurgency......what do i do lol
  5. Other Birthday promo round 2!

  6. wow

    i was already awol earlier this year and dont want it again as when i am able to be on im on quite a bit
  7. wow

    Wow what a crazy few weeks I haven't been on in a week and a half as i was looking like nuts for a job, then my bday last week and destressing over the weekend. i started a new job this week where i never know what time ill be done at for crap money. oh well such is life ill try to be back on the servers over the weekend see ya real soon!!
  8. Other Birthday promos!

    congratulations to all of you
  9. Happy Birthday to SiD

    Happy birthday sid I guess we have something in common other then our love for fa
  10. What sports do you do?

    karate and kickboxing
  11. Hi all I'm New in here

    welcome and enjoy
  12. Need some help learning..

    i usually to when going in to cod but never anyone on
  13. Hi ^.^

    hey there Have a blast
  14. Need some help learning..

    unfortunately no one uses TS i connect to it everytime i go to play anything
  15. Happy Birthday to ch0pper

    happy birthday