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  1. Happy Birthday IbubbleGum!

  2. "Cya in server "

    haha f*** off aint gunna come back to your gay server

  3. Disrespecting admins

    -1 setlvl

    Cya in server


  4. Im sure you cry if you get kicked and admin abused w/o reason
  5. I go again, Some Admins are bitching / Spamming / Telling players to shut the f*** up *stfu* / swearing while explaining things to members. I dont want to be part of that Not as an admin, Neither as a player. Everybody have fun I quit for F|A 10 others
  6. AMG NQ is down im dieng!! :P

  7. gugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugu

  8. If we are here anyway, don´t you guys think its about time to get some new maps, some big maps and some small just get get some more
  9. Tell them to get a better operating system
  10. Thanks, when its back up post here please,
  11. IbubbleGum

    Vista problem

    Vista simpely sucks, make a multi boot from XP and Vista and go on XP if you wanna play ET

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