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  1. wizardry

    Our computers

    Yes it's i5 4460, case is Fractal Design Define R5 arctic white @ Foreigner: Nice rig you got there!
  2. wizardry

    Our computers

    New case and graphic card oh yeah!
  3. wizardry

    Our computers

    Upgraded insides of my PC, did parts in February already but windows 10 just recently
  4. Agree don't cheap out with the PSU!
  5. wizardry

    My gaming PC

    Nice setup with the legendary 2500k! Got that running in our second PC aswell
  6. My opinion is, remove falcon and add dubrovnik
  7. Hello! I would recommend for you the following (assuming you don't do overclocking); - Some Intel H170 chipset mainboard - 8 gb or 16 gb DDR4 RAM depending on your budget - Intel i3 6100/6300 or i5 6400/6500 CPU - Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD R9 380 graphics card - Some good brand SSD drive, Samsung, Crucial, Kingston - Additional HDD if you need one for storage - Don't go tight budget on Power supply! I recommend choosing something around 500w with atleast 5 years of warranty, for example Seasonic - Case, your free choose. Notice size of mainboard when choosing case (most common are ATX and micro ATX) In my understanding something like this can be bought for 600-800€

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