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  1. You know, cowardice can also be called a panzerfaust shooter, you can say that such a person is afraid to enter a fight holding a thompson / mp40 in his hand and prefers to choose a weapon that has a huge advantage over these weapons, the fight is not equal to the fact that I have a gun and a rocket flies inside me I get pissed off with rackets, I fight, I fight five and suddenly ... I'm gone. One shot, one romash that stuck to me like the aforementioned kamikaze and it's goodbye You can fight panzerfaust as long as you hit 3 hs, even haxor can lose if milliseconds won't let him hit 3 h
  2. For me, killing someone with a weapon that was designed to destroy armored vehicles is actually humiliating the player with a gigantic advantage of this weapon's firepower. That's why, if I have a chance, I do a selfkilla before nuestra, romash, etc., that is, in front of those players who love to humiliate so much And what a displeasure then is that I selfkill :D Something beautiful. He wanted to kill and he himself died because he is kamikaze.
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