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  1. Where do bot names come from?

    Dont forget the constant aimbotting
  2. How i play et now

    About time to invest in some proper wrist wraps. I always go for 35 kilo on the last set, and even tho i have weaker wrists than the average person, ive had no problems so far
  3. Pacific Rim 2 | trailer

    Looks better than the first one. Definetly hyped
  4. Male Sperm Counts Down

    Hehe. I just read the news today, and apparently some clinics in my country are increasing the amount of money you get per donation to attract new people to donate.
  5. What do you think about e-cigarrets

    I have not seen a liter of liquid sold anywhere in my country
  6. fav place to Eat :D

    I prefer to eat at home since my job makes me feed other people
  7. Favourite Beer

    Usually a Corona or a Heineken. Not much of a beer drinker tho. I prefer wine and bourbon
  8. What are you drinking right now?

    Johnnie Walker Red label
  9. Favourite pizza?

    Jalapeno, feta and green olive topping on a grilled chicken pizza
  10. Pic of the Day 31.08.17

    Where do they sell coffee that turns you into George Clooney?
  11. If you search love from tinder, then you have some problems
  12. happy birthday grumpyoldman and rav137

    Happy birthday guise
  13. first game online

    First Unreal Tournament and right after that AOE
  14. Most disgusting food you ever ate

    I must be weird, but i really love oysters and really hate snails, even though the texture is about the same. It almost feels like my brain is blocking me from eating snails.
  15. What food do you really hate?

    Chocolate mixed with oranges, either with pieces of orange or with a jam of oranges.